NSS Player Watch: Jordan Clarkson

NSS Player Watch: Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson became a Jazz on December 23rd joining his 3rd team in his career. Clarkson played his 1st game in Jazz uniform against the Blazers on December 26th, he had 9 points in 21 minutes. Clarkson immediately made his impact with the Jazz with his scoring and playmaking from the bench. Clarkson is contributing and seem to have fit pretty well in his role, the Jazz just matched their longest winning streak of the season and are going to try extend it to 6 wins against the Pelicans.

The Jazz went from having one of the worse bench in the NBA to getting 19 and 20 points from one guy in the bench. The 19 point performance, from Clarkson against the Clippers is the one that stands out. The Jazz beat the Clippers and now lead the season series 2-1, the best thing about it is that both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard played that night.

Since becoming a Jazz, Clarkson is averaging 13.4 points, 1 ast and 1.8 reb in 5 games. Clarkson, is one of those cases that his stats may not show his full impact on the court. Clarkson looks comfortable playing with the Jazz and he should have the green light to shoot the ball. Clarkson experience with in heavy guard lineups also helps out offensively and defensively.

It’s funny because some the Jazz’s fans reaction towards the signing of Clarkson could have been a bit discouraging. Nonetheless, Clarkson and the Jazz are succeeding and honestly nothing bonds people like winning. I am hoping that the Jazz and Clarkson keep on winning.

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What do you think about Clarkson’s fit with the Jazz?

And Are they Jazz done making moves or will they still be active in the trade deadline

Update 01/07/2020

Jazz win their 6th Straight game for their longest winning Streak of the season. Bogdanovic has 35 points, Ingles 22 Pts, Mitchell 19 Pts, and Clarkson 16 Pts playing 25 mins from the bench.

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