NSS Blazers: Trading CJ McCollum

NSS Blazers: Trading CJ McCollum

CJ McCollum will officially be tradeable on January 29th, 2020, with the Blazers underperforming, the shooting could be on the move.  The NBA trade deadline is February 6th leaving the Blazers and any other team 7 days to make a deal.  Is almost like he’ll get a call from the girl in the ring movie “You’ll be traded in Seven Days”.

So here are some trading scenarios for CJ:

CJ & Mario Hezonja to the 76ers for Al Horford, Zhaire Smith

                This trade would be a win-win (kind of) for both teams.  76ers fill up on their lack of shooting and a playmaker.  While the Blazers get a chance for a new formula around Dame, since the current one is not working.  Anfernee Simons would automatically be plug in to the starting rotation and would be given some room for mistakes.  Signing Horford, would give the Blazers a veteran that knows how to win, spaces the floor and will do the dirty work.

                The reason for the “kind of” makes the 76es the winner.  CJ is younger than Horford and if he jells well with Embiid and Simmons gives the 76ers a big 3 that could get them over the hump.  In a shooting and scoring league, in theory the 76ers aren’t getting much value out of the aging Horford.  In my opinion, he is just not being used the right way in Philly nor seeing eye to eye with Embiid.  Watching both of them on the court, just looks awkward, hence why Horford is already in trade talks.

CJ to the Wolves for Karl Anthony Towns

Pairing KAT and Hassan Whiteside for Dame could be match what the Lakers did with Andrew Bynum and Paul Gasol for Kobe Bryant.  The end result was a championship for that team.  Carmelo Anthony will be made the Lamar Odom of the team.  KAT is already unhappy and the “CJ Haters Club” is growing at a rapid pace, it may be a win-win for both teams.

                Now the Wolves sending away KAT may not look all that smart but in theory they’ll get something in return instead of letting him go for nothing in the summer.  Now a days is more and more common for teams that know they don’t have a shot at keeping a player to get as much in return as possible.  i.e. Thunder did it right.

This trade would messed up my NBA 2k20 MyPlayer career, since me and KAT are making the “Dominican Connection” in Sota.

CJ to the Magic for Aaron Gordon and Al-Farouq Aminu

The idea here is for Orlando feel that could have a better pairing with Markelle Fultz in the pairing.  Also the success that Aminu had with the Blazers didn’t fully translate with the Magic.  Lastly, the Magic would have fully given up on Aaron Gordon and just label him as a powerful dunker and not a hybrid all-around player.

                If this trade seems like a stretch, is because it is but is one that makes sense for both teams.  Gordon is great for some stretches but he is not a proven 1st option for the Magic.  Gordon needs a bit more space, which can be created by Dame drawing the double team.  Gordon 3 point shot will still be in question, but with a little more space it could become respectable, just like Aminu’s shot in his time with the Blazers.

Dec 18, 2019; Denver, CO, USA; Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon (00) shoots against the Denver Nuggets in the second half at the Pepsi Center. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t Trade CJ

Is simple don’t trade CJ and take this season as a recovery season.  Possibly stay out of the playoffs and play for mid-1st round draft.  In theory, the Blazers already won and will be recognized as the team made history signing Carmelo Anthony.   Melo has been playing great and filling up the seats for the Blazers and any other team (the Knicks) stadium when he visits.  The Blazers just need to do enough to stay “relevant” but not “playoff relevant”, which they are doing great at that by going on winning streak and then losing even more. 

Final Thoughts of Nonsense

                The Blazers may be on a slump but having a fire sale may not be the solution.  Dame and CJ work well together and truly the biggest issue for the Blazers is at the 4 position.  Even their bench is solid but they can only do so much.  While this may be a down for the Blazers, it happens, sometimes you do need to take a step back to be able to push off.

                Lastly, the only appealing trade would be the one of KAT, now that will be worthwhile and will put the Blazers in win now and win later.

Thank You For Reading!! Comment Some Nonsense!!

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