NSS Blazers: Win Some, Lose More SMH???????????

NSS Blazers: Win Some, Lose More SMH???????????

                It almost looked like the Portland Trail Blazers had it figure it out, they were winning.  They improve their home record to a winning one, they were getting closer to an overall 500 record.  They moved up in the rankings and then they follow with that a 5 game losing streak.  At this point in time, do the Blazers know what’s going on with the Blazers??

                My frustrations with the Blazers has almost been getting greater than the Jazz.  The Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum is blazing up in uncontainable flames.  The balance that used to be between them, is no longer there and on some nights, we all wondered if Carmelo Anthony should actually be the number 1 options.

                I never minded when Hassan Whiteside was taking the blame for their losing early in the season.  Mostly because, in theory or by now, they should have figure it out and Whiteside was only serving as a temporary escape goat to hide all the deeper issues.  But no resolution has come and everybody is being force to acknowledge that Dame, CJ and the organization are not working out.

                On top of everything else, the rumors of a trade between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Blazers seem to be gaining traction.  And honestly, I am all for it and they should make it happen ASAP.  Is not working and it makes it even worse when the Blazers go on a winning streak and then follow that by a longer losing streak.

                In regards of the trade rumors listen to all calls for every player on the team.  Personally, keeping Dame will be ideal, mostly for his closing out OKC and the hope that he could do it again.  If the hype (and potential) behind Anfernee Simons is real, than he should have no problems taking over CJ’s minutes.  While at it find any deals for Kent Bazemore and Mario Hezonja, just saying while making trades and changes.

If anybody being keeping up with my NBA emotional state of mind; the happiness that was brought to me by the Jazz acquiring Jordan Clarkson and improving in all areas; it was all destroyed by the Blazers up and down weeks.

Thank You for Reading!!Comment Some Nonsense!!

What do you guys think about the Blazers? Can they be fixed? Who Do You Keep?? CJ Or Dame??

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