Carson Wentz Vs Dak Prescott

Carson Wentz Vs Dak Prescott

                The NFC East will be represent by either Dallas Cowboys or Philadelphia, both teams depending on their quarterbacks: Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz.  Both drafted in 2016 and became the center or their respective franchises.  Dak became part of a 1-2 punch with Ezekiel Elliot and Wentz was giving top wide receivers.  Both players are great and just beginning what seem to long and successful NFL careers.  Now when it comes to week 17, only one will advance.  Who is it going to be Wentz or Dak?

Wentz vs Dak Career Stats

Games Played & Record55, 31-2463, 39-24
Passing Touchdowns9693
Rushing Touchdowns321
Passing Yards13,90215,475
Rushing Yards7701.186
Completion %63.9 %65.8
Playoff Games RecordN/A3, 1-2

Wentz vs Dak 2019 Stats

Games Played & Record15, 8-715, 7-8
Passing Touchdowns2626
Rushing Touchdowns13
Passing Yards3,7504,599
Rushing Yards228242
Completion %64.4%64.8%

Nonsense Observation:

Wentz may have a Super Bowl ring but he hasn’t actually play in a playoff games.

Dak vs Wentz stats, and just stats, tell a different story of the head to head matchup.

The career interceptions are a bit wide opening since Wentz has played 8 games less than Dak but only has 1 less than Dak.  And at the same argument is used for the touchdown numbers with Wentz at 96 being playing less games that Dak.

One big factor that could tip the scale is how Dallas uses Zeke with Dak.

Closing Statement:

The stats may favored Dak

but the people’s champ is Wentz

Thank you for reading! Comment Some Nonsense!! Dak Or Wentz ?

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