NSS NBA Christmas Day Reaction!! 2-3 On Picks!!

NSS NBA Christmas Day Reaction!! 2-3 Smh!!

                (Belated) Merry Christmas to all and I hope you all had an amazing Christmas.  Personally, I had a pretty good Christmas, I stayed home, mother in law cooked some turkey.  I spent my day playing with my love ones, watching basketball, eating and cleaning the house, also gift wise I received an XBOX.  At this point in time I am still waiting on NBA 2k20 to download but feel free to add me “IMakeNonsense”.

                So I watched every NBA game, some games did capture my attention more than others, off course.  I went 2-3 on picks and I don’t feel too bad about it, a little disappointed in the Lakers but that’s nothing new.  Here is my quick reaction to the Christmas game on somethings that caught my eye from the games.

Ps. The anybody else missed Christmas theme uniforms? Felt like that it was something nice but I guess the revenue doesn’t cover the cost of making everybody a new jersey when not all will make a profit.

Let’s move on to the games:

Celtics beat the Raptors – Kemba Walker & Jaylen Brown Five 3 Each. 1-0.

                I may not be as big of a fan of a “Celtics Fan” as Michael B. but watching Kemba Walker have so much playing for the Celtics is almost contagious.  Is there another player in the NBA that seem to play with the joy and of Walker? He just seems like he really is enjoying himself and he can do nothing wrong.  Seriously he could do nothing wrong, even when he was outscored by Tacko Fall.  That was like if he knew that Fall was going to play that game and just want it to give all the shine and sprinkle to Fall.  Is amazing how much fun Walker is having and I am hoping he can turn that fall into more wins and success.

                In respect of the game, I thought it was going to be a closer game, specially in the 1st couple mins the Raptors starting the game 10-0 run.  Lowry and the guys just seem to be focus on their 1st ever Christmas game which also happen to at home.  Also, once again, did not see any sign of Drake.  The Celtics won their 4th straight game beating the Raptors for a 2nd time this season.  We will see if Drake shows up or if the Raptors can even out the season series vs the Celtics.

Embiid shines against the Bucks for the 76ers 3rd straight win. 1-1

                I was pulling for the Bucks, not because they are the East number 1 seed but because I don’t believe in the 76ers coming out of the East.  This game doesn’t really move the meter for on the 76ers hype, in my opinion, they will be out coached and outplayed in the playoffs.  And honestly this game didn’t catch much of my attention, I just kept expecting that the 76ers will fall apart like their last 2 home games.  Embiid didn’t let that happen and really took the Giannis head on.  Embiid ended the game with 31 pts, 3-6 on 3pt and 11 reb while holding Giannis to 18 pts on 8-27 shooting, that included an 0-7 night from 3pt.

                While I want it to the Bucks to win, Middleton seem to have shown up to play big time, congratulations to him.  This game also show Giannis struggling from the 3pt which should be a concern for the Bucks, which they need to start planning for a plan B, because they just cant let Giannis go 0-7 without implementing some type of back up or a limit of how many shots he can take.

                The 76ers winning this game makes the season series interesting, especially if the Bucks keep leading the East.  The 76ers and Bucks will face 3 more times and if you ask me, I’ll probably be picking the Bucks again.

Rockets get “stunned” by Warriors.  No, it wasn’t Harden’s fault. 2-1

                So I have re-renter the twitter world (please add @FrancisTalksNSS).  And honestly, usually I am just there for the comments and memes but I couldn’t help “tweeting” about watching the defense on Russell Westbrook. Seriously

Did anybody else notice how the Warriors counter the Rockets Harden attack and only shoot 3 offense?  It went something like this:

Step 1: Double team James Harden as soon as he crossed the half-court,

Step 1.5 – ideally whoever is guarding Russell Westbrook or whoever is guarding switch out to cover anybody but Westbrook. Truly the point is assured the only open passing lane is to Russell Westbrook.

(if step 1 / 1.5 have been done correctly then proceed to step 2)

Step 2: Once Westbrook catches the pass from Harden, VERY IMPORTANT: Step away and let him shoot

Step 3: Rebound the ball and proceed with offense possession

Step 4: Repeat.

Note: if Harden is in the bench, man to man defense, start a step 2 once Westbrook receives a pass.

                Harden ended the game with 24 pts, 6 reb, 11 ast and mostly taking all the blame and hate for the Rockets losing the game.  Westbrook (and Mike D’Antoni) should take some responsibility for this game.  The Warriors weren’t hiding their defense scheme by some type of magic it was simple, wait for Harden to dribble up the court and double him after he past the half court line.  Westbrook scored 30 pts on 11-32 and a huge 0-8 from the 3pt line.

D’Antoni could have made a simple adjustment to let Westbrook bring the ball down and have Harden go to the baseline or maybe go to the corner or do something different, anything than just wait to get double at half court, passed it to Westbrook, righteously the only open player and watch him brick another 3.  This game wasn’t on Harden, it was on Westbrook and D’Antoni.  And maybe a bit on McLemore going 2-9, when has he ever been a shooter?

Just because a player get sign to the Houston Rockets doesn’t make him an automatic 3pt sniper.

                I picked the Warriors because believe it or not, they have a good team full no name guys that are making speedy process.  Also the more games that De’Angelo Russell and Draymond Green play together the more they’ll be jelling.  The Warriors are not the worse team in the West.

Clippers beat the Lakers again and it doesn’t matter because Kawhi said so. 2-2

                Kawhi Leonard is either a savage or maybe he is really funny and just nobody else gets it.  Kawhi said the game didn’t matter because it was just a regular season, which he is not wrong and somewhat right.  Also his comment about Patrick Beverly just running around it was almost out of Netflix especial.  As usual Kawhi led his team in the game that count the most with 31 pts, 12 reb, 4 ast. Patrick Beverly gets the ball game for his defensive play on LeBron James on the last possession.

                Speaking of the Lakers’ last possession was the plan really was just to run the clock and for LeBron to just take a 3? Frank Vogel out there getting pay a bunch of money to go tell LeBron “Hey man, run the clock and pull for the 3” no screens no running just go out there and jack up a 3 to tie the game? Okay, I guess. I don’t get it.

Ps I am glad the Clippers got the win, I personally still think the Lakers still have the better team.  Also can you imagine the running reports if the Clippers had loss this game? How much blame George would have taken on his disappearing act? I mean he made a couple shots but was he much of a difference maker? Maybe? Maybe not? at the end of the day, imo, the Clippers are the Raptors from last year but in the West.  PG is Lowry and Lou Williams is VanVleet and the Clippers are going to run with the same formula hoping to win a championship.

Pelicans beat the Nuggets at home 112-100. 2-3.

                Latwand was right.  Check out his youtube channel and follow him on social media.  He was the only person who confidently picked the Pelicans.  Congratulations!! He did when on to say “F*ck Bron, and Harden. BI (Brandon Ingram) finna get this win and show them bums how its done.” Nonetheless Latwand was right.  BI ended with 31 pts, 7 reb, 2 ast and all the sudden the Pelicans are on a 2 game winning streak.

Support Latwand Youtube’ Channel!!

Thank you for reading!! Merry Christmas!! Comment your favorite Christmas Nonsense!!

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