NSS Pelicans & Wolves pulling the plug is a win-win for the NBA and the (some) fans

NSS Pelicans & Wolves pulling the plug is a win-win for the NBA and the (some) fans.

                The Wolves and the Pelicans aren’t really making much positive noise in the NBA despite their talent pool.  The Pelicans win in the last 10 games was to the Warriors, while the Wolves are on a 10 game losing streak.  On paper both teams have a capable roster and coaches with experience that should be giving both of this team a lot more wins.  But that’s not the case, the issues are deeper and more complex.

                So for both of this teams, the only thing anybody truly knows is that is not working.  And is not like the Wolves and Pelicans are the only teams, every year there is a team or 2 that just under construction the whole season before it blows it all up.  But why wait to the trade deadline, make a deal now, pull the plug.  Seriously, every year a team waits to the last minute waiting for a better deal and in more cases than it others it doesn’t really come. So dear Wolves & Pelicans pull the plug, stop the nonsense.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – DECEMBER 20: Brandon Ingram #14 of the New Orleans Pelicans high-fives Kenrich Williams #34 of the New Orleans Pelicans against the Golden State Warriors on December 20, 2019 at Chase Center in San Francisco, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2019 NBAE (Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)


                7-23 screams pull the plug and reset then just do it for fun.  Also teams are always a lot “fun-er” and better to watch after they revamped everything.  They let some guys go and bring in some new guys to try them out for next year.  So here are some ideas of ways that the Pelicans can break down.

Buyout/ trade

JJ Redick – the Pelicans have to know that JJ has a playoff streak that as off right now is not looking very well.  So let JJ go and be free to resign back with the 76ers or live the easy live catching corner passes for LeBron with the Lakers.  JJ is averaging 15.9 Ppg for the Pelicans, for being one of the best shooters in the league he deserves better. 

Jrue Holiday – needs to ask to be swapped for Eric Bledsoe.  Think about it, they make about the same and the Bucks really need to set the best players that they can around Giannis to keep him from leaving to the Warriors.

Lonzo Ball – The Pelicans need to take any advantage or sign of a market for Lonzo before is too late.

Derick Favors/ Role Players – all other players outside of Ingram and Zion are all expendable.

Keep/ Develop

Brandon Ingram – keep his breakout season going, keep feeding him the ball

New Guys/ G-League

Brandone Francis – 6’5 Guard/ Forward out of Texas Tech.  Defensive minded player with a respectable 3 point shot to eat up guard/forward minutes.  Also, it starts surrounding Zion with a lot younger guys that can play defense and be set for kick out.

Kyle Guy – 6’1 Guard University of Virginia.  Averaging 22.3 Points per game.  Guy can take all the shots that JJ would be leaving behind.


Maybe the reason why the Pelicans don’t really care about blowing up the whole squad because regardless of how good the team looks on paper they are not affecting the win column.  Keeping the Pelicans on set for a high draft pick to pair up with Zion next season.


                The Wolvers are, unfortunately, the perfect storm.  The Andrew Wiggins project never worked out. Karl Anthony Towns is only talked about being matched up against Joel Embiid.  Seriously, both of this players are great and their peak is still pretty high but it doesn’t seem like it would ever happen in Minnesota.  So pull the plug and reset, stop this nonsense

Buyout/ trade

KAT – the market for KAT is very high, a trade is the attractive option because they’ll get something after he leaves.  Seriously, what incentive (other than money) can the Wolves give KAT to have him stay? If anything or anybody should be coming in it should be the ghost of Kevin Love and Kevin Garnett.

Andrew Wiggins – in my opinion, Wiggins should be added to the list of greatest bust in the NBA who can average 25 points per game but not win games.  Wiggins’ game is too subtle and lacks intensity to take over any game.

Unfortunately the 2 guys that the Wolves want to give the keys to the city don’t make for a winning team.

Make them available and take best offer, both KAT and Wiggins’ can actually give the Wolves a nice return.

Thank You For Reading? Comment Some Nonsense!! Should The Pelicans & Wolves Pull The Plug & Reset?

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