NSS Blazers try to extend winning streak against the Pelicans

NSS Blazers try to extend winning streak against the Pelicans

The Blazers 4 game winning streak is their longest (winning) streak of the season. Thanks to this winning streak they improve their home records to 8-6 and are only 2 wins away from 500. The Blazers are getting wins and beating the teams that they should. This game vs the Pelicans should also be a bit a huge for Carmelo Anthony, since this was the 1st team he played in his return to the NBA on November 11th, 2019.

Melo should be making a return this game, he has been a steady contributor to the Blazers averaging 16 Ppg, 6.2 Reb and 1.1 Ast. Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum have been great during this run and should look to continue against the Pelicans. The 2 guards have been taking the scoring responsibilities head on

Dame & CJ’s scoring last 4 games

– @ Suns – Dame 27 pts, CJ 30 Pts

– Warriors – Dame 31, CJ 30 Pts

– Magic – Dame 36, CJ 31 Pts

– Wolves – Dame 29 Pts, CJ 26 Pts

While the winning streak is great let’s not get to crazy about it. Suns, Warriors, Magic and Wolves are all teams under 500. The importance of this wins, other than just being wins is the fact that both Dame and CJ look healthy and are playing like the deathly scoring duo that they are. The Blazers have a long way to go but they are beating the teams that they should.

Brandon Ingram breakout season continues with the Pelicans, regardless of their record, he has been the brightest spot. Unfortunately for Ingram, the losses and the hype over Zion Williamson are outshining everything he does. The Pelicans 7-23 record and losing all hope of a Zion comeback this season is really making for a tough season and could be leading towards a fire sale.

The NBA rankings came out the Blazers in the 15th spot, which sounds about right. The Blazers sit in the 8th spot and 1.5 games behind the Oklahoma City Thunder

Pick: Blazers

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