NSS Lakers host Nuggets – Bounce back stops winning streak

NSS Lakers host Nuggets – Bounce back stops winning streak

                The Lakers suffer their first back to back losses and now must face a hot Nuggets team on a 5-game winning streak.  Also add that LeBron James’ game status is doubtful, the odds may be against the Lakers.  The Nuggets are holding down the 3rd seed in the West, 4 games behind the Lakers with an opportunity to make up some ground.

Game 2 of 4 between the Lakers and Nuggets, the Lakers lead the series 1-0 but may not have the advantage over this game.

Most teams have a clear leader (or two) but the Nuggets seem to all share the weight.  The Nuggets are an extremely interesting team due to that none of their players average 20 points per game.  Jamal Murray leads the team in scoring with 17.9 and the list goes down as follow:

  • Jamal Murray – 17.9 Ppg
  • Nikola Jokic – 17.3 Ppg
  • Will Barton – 14.6 Ppg
  • Paul Millsap (day-to-day) – 12.6 Ppg
  • Gary Harris – 11 Ppg

The Nuggets are a complicated team, but who does the ball goes for the game winner? Murray? Who is the go-to guy when a shot is needed? Jokic keeps the team well balanced with his playmaking and shot making ability? Is already clear that the Nuggets will go as far as Jokic can take them.  While a huge strength also a glaring weakness because the Nuggets are fully dependent on Jokic’s performance.  Unfortunately, for the Nuggets Jokic seems to shift in to cruise control, which is not good at all.

                So, the Nuggets can attack from all angles/ positions on the floor. The Nuggets strive on balance but how much are they affected when a player is having an off night, especially when is Jokic.

Unlike the Nuggets, the Lakers have 2 main go-to guys LBJ and AD.  The supporting cast main job is to contribute wherever they can, which they didn’t at all last game.  Not to bring up bad times but the Lakers’ bench scored 4 points last game, so the bar is not very high to follow up for this game.

Lakers’ home record is 10-2 while the Nuggets are 6-5 playing away games.  The Nuggets 5 game winning streak were all home games, the Nuggets have been a very different team on the road.

The Lakers’ will benefit from LBJ playing.

The Nuggets biggest concern is Jokic not taking a game off or more than likely a road game off.

Pick: Lakers

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