NSS Lakers @ Bucks – Best vs Best!!

NSS Lakers @ Bucks – Best vs Best!!

Lakers and Bucks sit at the top of their respective conference with a record 24-4. Both teams are coming off loses and both have a lot to prove in this 1st game of 2. Neither team has lost 2 games in a row, which just raises the bar for this game. The hype behind this game is real as it gets being a potential NBA finals matchup!!

Anthony Davis (day to day), LeBron James and the Lakers need quality wins. Lakers’ do major damage through AD and LBJ both averaging 20+ points but what the bench and role players shouldn’t go unnoticed. While Kyle Kuzma is dealing with some injuries, the play of Alex Caruso, Rajon Rondo, Dwight Howard and the bench mob has stepped up to the plate. When either Laker Star is sitting, the bench mob seems to be in a destructive agenda and do as much damage as they can in their limited minutes that sets up AD and LBJ for the finishing punches.

Everything that Giannis is doing is checking “accomplished” boxes on his road to a MVP. Still to more than others the Bucks are still behind the 76ers and the Celtics as the actual East NBA finals contenders. I disagree, the Bucks (and the Miami Heat) are the teams that the winner in the West should be prepping for. Giannis is 2nd to only James Harden (an unreal 38.9 Ppg) in scoring with 31.7 Ppg. Giannis support is coming from Khris Middleton at 18.1 Ppg and Eric Bledsoe at 15 Pgg (yea, they are earning their paychecks).

Giannis will need all the help that he can get from his 3 point shooting “bigs” /centers in Brook Lopez, Ersan Ilyasova and Robin Lopez (that’s not a joke). If the Bucks can get Dwight Howard and JaVale McGee to step out it will clear the way for Giannis. I mean either way Giannis will find his way and dunk on somebody, that’s just going to happen. The problem lies is where Giannis will be to dominate download but not get enough outside help from the other guys (looking at you Bledsoe and Middleton).

The Lakers’ LBJ will look for a triple double feeding the ball to AD and setting up easy lobs for McGee and Howard. My prediction for the game: Rondo will have a monster overwhelming Bledsoe and Middleton and turning defense into offense, rebounding back perfectly from his last game.

Pick: Lakers

Check Out the Youtube Video for the game!! Thank you for watching, Like & Comment Follow Post & Poll for Game thread!!


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