NSS Jazz: Lack of Assist, Bench Production & Trade targets

NSS Jazz: Lack of Assist, Bench Production & Trade Targets

               Remember the Jazz team from the last year that didn’t seem to stop fighting regardless of how lopsided the fight was? That Jazz team is gone.  The Jazz team that was running pick and rolls making Joe Ingles look like an elite set up man? That Jazz team is gone.  Jazz are sitting at 13-11 failing at meeting last year hype, new (and higher) expectations and not necessary justifying the higher ticket prices.  

               We can spend too much time on my Jazz frustration, but at the end of the day, I just want them to be better.  Or be bad enough so they can lower the prices and I can be less 20 rows up for a reasonable price when I go visit Vivint Smart Home Arena.  Why no or “not yet” should the Jazz be hitting the panic button they should at least take off the glass protector for faster access.

There is no time to fully revamped the Jazz, unsigned Bogdanovic and make some more changes.  So let’s focus on what the Jazz can (or what I think they should) start working on: Assist, Bench Production & possible trades.

(Ps Bogdanovic has done nothing wrong, in theory, actually has nothing to do with him just a personal thing against Bogdanoic, I just don’t like him)


               The Jazz average 105.9 points per game (22nd in NBA) and 21.3 assist per game put the Jazz 27th in the league.  Last year Jazz’ team were 8th in assist and that team were kind of successful.  Watching the Lakers @ Jazz game, couldn’t help but notice that the assist and turnover totals were too close for comfort.  Here are some of the numbers:

Loss Vs Lakers, 20 assist, not going to talk about the numbers here.

Win vs Grizzlies, 32 assist, Joe Ingles led with 10.  Ps no, Ingles shouldn’t run the point full time.

Loss Vs Thunder, 19 assist, Ingles led with 8, bench had 4.

               Would you believe me if I told you that the 10 assist by Ingles has been a season high by a Jazz player?  The Jazz lack of ball movement is not just affecting or failing the score column but also the Jazz are failing Rudy Gobert.  Gobert’s stats have and production have picked up where he left last year, but is not thanks to the Jazz.  Last year, Gobert was the dunk leader with 292, so far this year at 63 dunks.

               Gobert number are still good but he is not an offensive threat, he is just living off the glass.  The assist problem it may start with Gobert, but it ends with the team with possibly their own agendas or maybe the pieces not falling in the right place at all.  Jazz need to set up Gobert and each other a lot more, TEAMWORK MAKE THE DREAMWORK

25 assist shouldn’t be a problem for the Jazz when in doubt instead of taking a wild shot, lob it to Gobert or Ed Davis.

PS Jazz average 15.8 Turnover per game, maybe they are trying to pass the ball but they just can’t do it.  Maybe put in some passing drills during the practice.

Bench Production

               I am still not understanding the unconditional love that the Jazz have for Dante Exum. 

So the Jazz have one of the worse “Bench Mob” in the NBA.  Whatever the plan was for Mudiay, Green (bargain deal) and I am not going to sit here name drop players that nobody ever heard off IS NOT WORKING OUT.  Knowingly bringing in Conley, some type of backup plan should have been develop to account for his injuries and expected decline due to his age, wear and tear.  But the Jazz don’t have a backup plan.

The Jazz aren’t getting any production from the bench, so if the Mitchell is rolling and he sits.  The “Bench Mob” just sets him a couple steps back anyways.  To be fair, a case can be made for Jeff Green. 

With the Jazz needing to improve their bench squad, they have to look at trades.

Possible Trades & Red Flags


Marcus Morris (for Dante Exum & Ed Davis) – does it make sense for the Knicks no, but nothing they do makes sense.  Morris can’t have any thought that staying in New York raises his value, Morris should be requesting this trade.  Jazz needs to regain the toughness they loss when they sent Jae Crowder away.  Also adds another shooter to the mix.  It doesn’t solve the backup point guard issue but it gives the team enough toughness.

Imagine: Conley, Mitchell, Bogdanovic, Morris, Gobert.

Aaron Gordon – while the appeal is there it just doesn’t seem possible.

Jeremy Lin – Why Jeremy Lin? He couldn’t even make it on a NBA team? Well Lin is a good at 2 things, 1 is that he is a really good pick and roll player that can create for others.  Also a respectable shooter.  Lin may have a bad rep for whatever reason, he is balling out in China and still able to contribute (more than Mudiay and Exum) in the NBA.

The NBA is all about feel good stories and NBA comebacks.

The Jazz problem when it comes to making trades, is that their roster doesn’t have any assets that teams are in demand for.  Which is exactly why they are in the position they are in.

Red Flags

Kevin Love – high price and injury prone shouldn’t be in the same sentence.  The Jazz should only talk to K-Love, if he agrees to a buyout with the Cavaliers and goes to the Jazz for super cheat.  And most importantly, he accepts a bench role.

Stay away from expensive players

LaMarcus Aldridge & DeMar Derozan

My Nonsense Opinion:

Jazz make a deal for Marcus Morris

 Sign Jeremy Lin and Kenneth Faried for minimum contracts.

Start shopping for team looking for a suitor for Bogdanovic in exchange for a young piece — this is the only scenario where talking to the Spurs is acceptable.

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Comment what the Jazz need to do get better??

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