1998 Vs 2014 Indiana pacers

1998 Indiana Pacers Vs  2014 Indiana Pacers

By Kevin Bertalotto

In this match-up we have two teams who lost in the Eastern Conference Finals, in one corner we have the 58 win Pacers led by all time great Reggie Miller and head coach Larry Bird. Defensively they were one of the best just allowing 89.9ppg while scoring 96 themselves with 3 double digit scorers. When it came to rebounding they were ranked 27th at 39.3rpg. Although at 3pt shooting they ranked second at 39%. In the opposite corner we have the 56 win Pacers led by star player Paul George. That team held teams to 92.3ppg, while scoring 96.7 points with 6 double digit scorers. Unlike Reggie’s team, the 2014 Pacers were the best at getting boards ranking 1st at 44.7 a game, however finished 17th in 3pt% at 35.7. Who comes out on top? Well that’s what we’re about to find out.


Very close in several categories, but I believe the edge in rebounds will be the deciding factor, not only that but the 2014 IND Pacers were just a bit more deep, had 3 more double digit scorers along with more 3pt shooters off the bench. 98 Pacers could win 2 games but to win 4? I don’t see it happening even with home court advantage. 

Game 1 

No surprise with the outcome however Reggie shooting that bad even with PG13 on him was a bit shocking, as well as 98 IND getting 11 less FTAs. Game 2 should be closer.

Game 2

First off, wow only 4 tovs, secondly Miller again with a poor performance but Antonio Davis bullied David West for 18 and 10. Roy with just 3 points is pathetic, but 2014 Indy just had to steal one game on the road, which they accomplished, just gotta protect their home and it’s over. 

Game 3                                                  

Wow what a wild second half, both teams getting red hot and ice cold at opposite timing. Rik Smits stepped up but not enough to make up Reggie’s mediocre performance. Shout out to David West, twice he was the team’s best player. Zero made threes by Paul’s team was very unexpected  Down 2-1 it is needed more than ever for Reggie to go off. 

Game 4

Of course the one time Reggie goes off they lose, 21 forced tovs and just 9 FTAs, wow talk about great defense. Roy final woke up as well as Hill. Luis Scola with 16 off the bench was key. Up 3-1, things are looking pretty great for Paul’s team.

Game 5

    For the first time Reggie’s squad has scored over 100 led by Miller’s 20pts on 81% shooting, however it was really Antonio again who was the best player, not only did he lead both teams in rebounds but clamped West along the way. Avoiding elimination will this dub carry momentum for the 98 Pacers for Game 6?

Game 6

    Well never mind about momentum being carried over, Lance of all people took over, something Bird did not game plan for, Hibbert again finally showed scoring 17, which is 11 more than he did in Game 5. 26-15 FTAs should seem normal but even with more shooters, 2014 Indy managed to draw more fouls. Yet again the 2014 Pacers great defense forced more turnovers while not turning it over themselves. As I predicted before, 98 Pacers will get just 2 wins. 

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