NSS Dec 4th Recap: Bucks Get 13 straight!! LeBron & Melo Win! Prep For Friday!!

NSS Dec 4th Recap: LeBron & Melo Win! Will Prep For Friday!! Bucks Get 13th Straight

Bucks Beat Pistons for 13th Straight Win

Giannis is averaging 31 Ppg, 13.2 Reb, 5.5 Ast shooting 56.5 FG% and 31.8 3P%.  Giannis has been on full beast mode running through any team that they play.  The recap for this game is that its over and now the focus for the bucks can be on facing the Clippers on Friday December 6th and it won’t even be televised.

Lakers travel through Jazz

               I don’t know what’s it going to take for the Jazz to regroup and figure something out.  Lakers just keep on rolling and Jazz keep frustrating me.

Check Out NSS Preview for this game!!

Blazers Bounce Back Against the Kings

               The Blazers team that played against the was totally different team that played the Clippers.  Blazers’ Fantastic Four or “The Blazing Four” or “Four Blazers” (Yay or Nay?) showed up and played both offensively and defensively.  CJ led scoring with 33 Points, Dame followed with 24, Whiteside double-double with 22 points and 16 reb (also 3 blocks) and Melo finish with 22.  This win puts Blazers 4 games under 500 and on the 9th spot in the West trailing the Suns.

Blazers play Lakers on Friday.

Mavs scored 41 points in the 4th quarter to beat Wolves

               Luka keeps rolling, has his performances being MVP worthy?? Wolves have now lost 2 straight and possibly trending down, but they play the Thunder so there is hope.  Back to Luka what cant he do? Mavs 15-6 record are only behind the Nuggets due to percentage.  Imo Luka > Nuggets.

Bulls Beat Grizzlies: What’s the Bulls plan?

               Anybody else confused about the Bulls plan for the season?

Ja Morant missed his 3rd straight game due to back soreness.  Good luck with the recovery.

Pacers beat Thunder: What’s Chris Paul doing?

               Chris Paul played 33 mins scored 4 points and got 10 Assist but what is he really doing? How is either Paul or the Thunder benefiting from this fit.  Are the Thunder waiting for the best for Paul? Remember last time somebody (Daryl Morey) said they wouldn’t trade Paul, he got traded.  The Thunder are not “saying” they are going to trade Paul, but it just seems like they just don’t want to say it.

Nets Beat Hawks For 3rd straight, without Kyrie, who will be missing more time.

               NETS ARE DOING GREAT WITHOUT KYRIE.  No knock nor hate on Kyrie, but the Nets players deserve some credit, other than Kyrie and KD are out and Nets win. Nets roster deserve lots of credit.

               Trae Young has so many great nights, I just hope that eventually the Hawks will start winning on some of those nights too.

Magic denied Suns from getting to 500 and make a 3rd straight win.

               Suns have been struggling to get back to 500, this team started hot and then took a dive in an ice pool.  Magic’ Markelle Fultz is starting and taking full advantage of his (limited) minutes opportunities.  Gordon’s 32 Points is a season high and also when 5-5 from 3pt, talk about “magic” (pun intended).  Magic are in the 8th spot and facing the Cavaliers on Friday, 500 may be reachable.

Where Did Devonte’ Graham come from and where has he been?

               Graham is becoming a household name!! just saying the Hornets future may be in good hands.  Graham hit 10 3s, which makes me think if hitting 10 3s in a game is going to become as regular as a triple double??

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