12/05/2019: NSS NBA Daily – Rockets Vs Raptors Looks Fun??

12/05/2019: NSS NBA Daily – Rockets Vs Raptors Looks Fun??

Rockets (13-7) @ Raptors (15-5): Don’t Mess With The Refs!! Reaction, Rant Preview & Nonsense!!

                James Harden is averaging 39.5 Ppg and coming off a 50 (or 52?) point game that ended in a loss because of a combination of the following

–          The refs give 0 f*cks,

–          The NBA only has 13 camera guys per square foot but no replay available,

–          EVERYBODY saw the dunk and saw the ball rolled back, except for the 1 guy, that had 1 job, and THAT IS HIS JOB,

–          The refs give 0 f*cks, it’s just a job and they get pay hourly/ salary but the actual result the game doesn’t matter to them, unless “somebody (who couldn’t possibly be “a” or “related” the ref)” took the Spurs for the win.  Think about it or do the research, what were the odds for the game??

–          The refs give 0 f*cks, they let LeBron walk a mile and didn’t even bother to flinch.

–          The refs job is to monitored, regulate, manage and/or control the game? But nobody regulates them.

–          Ref 101: If it looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, it swims like a duck, and it flies like a duck is probably an alligator or a dinosaur.

–          There is no telling on the actual outcome of the game with the dunk counted, Spurs could have pulled it off.  They beat the Clippers. Advice To The Refs Let The Players Miss/ Make Their Own Shots!!

Here is Harden dunk that didn’t count.

Even if the Rockets fight it and win, does it take the win away from the Spurs, do they both get like a tie game or something? Yea harden dunk didn’t count but the real issue here is the refs and maybe, instead of waiting till the off season to plan, fix, train or whatever pump the breaks and fix it or at least start heading direction.  If the refs have so much power on a game that they can affect the outcome, why not just play hood rules and call your own fouls. 

Watch it play out that the Rockets win their whole case, they still have to take the L and James Harden gets 2 points added to his season total. ahhaahahha

Oh yea, and the Rockets play the Raptors.

Pick: Raptors.  Underrated team full of a bunch of underappreciated players that are getting absolutely no shine whatsoever. 

Has Drake even been at one of the games??

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