NSS NBA Daily: Lakers @ Jazz – frustration, Lakers’ season plan, game preview, Updates & Predictions

NSS NBA Daily: Lakers @ Jazz – frustration, Lakers’ season plan, game preview, Updates & Predictions

**The Lakers’ are my wife’s team that bring her joy (huge Kobe fan) and the Jazz are the team that is causing me extreme frustration**

So let’s get started!!

                Want to know the fastest way to ruin my day, ask me how the Jazz are doing? And that would set me off on a rant that will continue long after you are done with the conversation and long gone to your daily doings.  So imagine my struggled as I am writing this right now.  Just saying, how some of the Jazz’ fans are starting to feel about the team plot holes, I BEEN THERE THE WHOLE TIME AND NOBODY WANT IT TO LISTEN WHEN I WAS TRYING TO TELL THEM!!! THE PLOT HOLES HAVE BEEN THERE THE WHOLE TIME!!

So let’s talk some basketball!!

                The Jazz have a 12-9 record, good enough for the 6th spot in the West and trending down thanks to a 2 game losing.  Also doesn’t help that they 1-5 in the last 5 games.  The Jazz need to start making changes not just to the way that they play but also be looking at improving the roster.  But for now, let’s just talk about the 21 assist that they average per game and the turnovers at 15.5 per game, which should be addressed right away starting in the matchup vs the Lakers.

                Mike Conley, as he should as the most experienced playmaker of the team, is the assist leader for the Jazz averaging 4.6.  Unfortunately, 4.6 is not enough, Conley hasn’t led in assist the last 3 games and still dealing with his hamstring injury.  So the question is who will step up? Because nobody has been doing it. 

                Looking at the Jazz, Donovan Mitchell leads the offense and Rudy Gobert leads the defense.  Bojan Bogdanovic has had a couple good games and Royce O’Neale all-around game is picking up where it left of last year.  Facing the Lakers at home does bring confidence due to the 8-1 Home record, but finding any other positive for the Jazz won’t be easy.

                The Lakers have been rolling with an 18-3 record sitting at the top of West.  And yea you can argue that they haven’t beaten anybody significant, because truly haven’t.  Before beating the Nuggets, they most meaningful win has been against the Mavericks, who they loss to when facing them the 2nd time.  The Lakers whether (more like “are) benefitting from their scheduled and they are also winning the games that they should.

                The game plan for LeBron, AD and the Lakers is to make to the playoffs and then turn up the gear and start prepping and planning for teams like the Clippers and Bucks.  82 games in the season and only 8 playoff spot, nobody can be thinking championship without getting to the playoffs, Lakers know this.  The Lakers real season starts in the playoffs.

Lakers @ Jazz Preview, Updates & Predictions:


  • 4 Game series, Lakers 1-0.
  • Lakers are on a 3 game road trip that started with Denver and are playing back to back against the Jazz
  • Jazz will be home for the next 3 games, starting with Lakers

Game Updates

  • Mike Conley has been ruled out for the game
  • Anthony Davis may play, but still unclear.

Predictions / Nonsense Watch

  • With AD, still unclear status, LeBron may be prepping to for a bigger offensive role and may look to bully ball the Jazz
  • Jazz PG rotation will be tested, especially Emmanuel Mudiay, who needs to score more than 2 points if he wants to keep from fully falling out the rotation.
  • Gobert (13.7 Reb) has to deal with JaVale McGee (6.4 Reb) and Dwight Howard (6.9 Reb) on the glass.
  • Jazz may need more than the scoring breakout from Donovan Mitchell to get his win.

Pick: Lakers Win.  I make this pick with great pain.

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