NSS Jazz Daily – Jazz (12-8) @ 76ers (14-6) – The Struggling Jazz vs 76ers’ 9-0 Home Record

NSS Jazz Daily – Jazz (12-8) @ 76ers (14-6) – The Struggling Jazz vs 76ers’ 9-0 Home Record

The Jazz may not be coming into this game playing great basketball and being 5-5 in their last 10, but at least they beat the 76ers in their 1st matchup so that’s a plus. As much as I enjoy watching the Jazz, they have not been giving any reason to show that they are the threat they were projected to be this year. Donovan Mitchell is progressing into stardom and the Jazz seem to have gave him the keys to the city, they may have just turned on the full power on.

The Jazz have lost their last 3 matchups against team with a 500 record or better. Raptors, Pacers and Bucks in case anybody was wondering. The Jazz need to come up big and beat the 76ers who are looking to win their 10th straight. The argument that the Jazz are a 2nd half team needs to stop and the search for missing pieces needs to begin right away.

Only 4 team have a perfect home record and the 76ers are one of them, with 9-0. While that is glamorous record and stat to have the 76ers are 7-3 in their last 10 games. That loss was to the Raptors that kept Embiid on lock down mode. Since then, Embiid has been attempting to make that game as a fluke and easy forgettable (it’s not) with stat lines 33 Pts & 16 Reb, 27 Pts & 17 Reb, and 32 Pts & 11 Reb.

Concerns for the Jazz:

  • Offense Rank 24rd – 106.8 Ppg
  • Bench Scoring is a problem
  • Assist 27th – 20.9 Apg

Keys To Win:

  • Mitchell & Conley Get Others Involved
  • Gobert Avoid Foul Troubles On Embiid Flops
  • Research The market for Dante Exum and trade him

Pick: Really Want The Jazz for the win… But 76ers may have the edge

Thank you for reading, what are your predictions for the Jazz @ 76ers Game??

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