Eagles: So… New Plan? Pull The Plug?

So… New Plan? Pull The Plug?

                Week 13 Eagles losing to the Dolphins 37-31 is almost the worst thing that could have happen to the Eagles this season.  It has to be up there with losing to the Cowboys by 27 points.  In theory, the Eagles are still alive in the “playoff race”, their record is only 5-7 with 4 games left, possibility for a best-case scenario of 9-7.  Those 4 games include 2 vs the Giants, 1 vs the Redskins and the most important game vs the Cowboys.  Regardless of the loss the Eagles are still 2nd in their division, because the NFC East, well… that division sucks.

                The loss vs the Dolphins, shouldn’t just be considered bad because it was the Dolphins, but because the Cowboys loss on thanksgiving.  From an Eagle’s fan perspective watching the Bills handle the Cowboys should have plenty to be thankful for, sports wise.  A win vs the Dolphins would have put the Eagles at 6-6 and tie with the Cowboys for the division lead.  Even though the Cowboys own the tie breaker, the scale could have been tipped.

Imagine the next couple week if Eagles got the W vs Dolphins & Fitzmagic Hadn’t Been Too Much For The Eagles:

  • Week 14 vs Giants – A Giants team on a 8 game losing streak and with plenty of internal issues could have been a game to build on momentum and also a well needed divisional win.
  • Week 15 @ Redskins – Add to the Divisional Win Column
  • Week 16 vs Cowboys – 50/50 Game, decisive game on who goes to the playoffs
  • Week 17 @ Giants – Another Win on the Divisional win Column.

Now the Eagles on a 3-game losing streak have to come up with a new plan? Win the next 4 (is that even realistic though?) or pull the plug? In the words of a huge Eagle’s fan (and NSS Contributor) its “time to clean the house and coaches, get of the entire secondary, fire offensive and defensive coordinators and the entire Eagles fan base”.  Harsh Words? Maybe, but also may not be wrong.

PS the Cowboys have to play the Bears, Rams and Redskins.  Both Bears and Rams are teams that are making a last-minute playoff push or at least will play like it.  The Cowboys chances of winning both games is a bit of a head scratcher: Bears are 6-6 and Rams at 6-5 (currently beating the Cardinals) have a winning record.  Think about it… (insert of meme of Cowboys unable to beat a team with a winning record here)

Is not over for the Eagles, but they haven’t been opening any doors as of lately.  While injuries have been a huge factor in the Eagles’ strength, Carson Wentz has been a positive for the season.  The Eagles have a lot to think plan and decide.  If Wentz is not at 100% maybe taking a step back for him could help for next season and also is never too early to start scouting and negotiating deals for next year.

Thank you for reading, join the conversation:

What’s next for the Eagles? New Plan? Pull the Plug?

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