Whiteside Throws A Block Party As Blazers Win 3rd Straight!!

 Block Party!! Blazers Win 3rd Straight!!

Whiteside 10 blocks for Portland was a team record that added to the Blazers fire as they go on a 3 game winning streak. Remember Whiteside broke the single game for blocks for the Heat with 12 against Chicago back in 2015. Whiteside now has 5 games of at least 10 blocks in his career. Whiteside made it to 783 blocks in his time with the Heat, it looks like he packed that and brought it over to Portland.

While Whiteside handle the defense, the rest of the starting line-up Carmelo Anthony (23 Pts), Rodney Hood (19 Pts), CJ McCollum (20 Pts) and Damian Lillard (28 Pts) combined for 90 of the 107 scored. Something is either working very well for the Blazers or they just seem to play better against the Bulls. Wins are wins and the Blazers can use all the momentum they can get.

The Bulls dropped their 3rd straight game and fall to 8 games under 500. Zach LeVine has been a scoring machine but doesn’t seem to be enough. Bulls are still young and Coby White is showing that scoring and playmaking flashes of how special he is.

Portland Trail Blazers v Chicago Bulls

The Blazers have a tough coming up @ Clippers and then back home to face Kings and Lakers. The Clippers and Lakers will be a huge test for the Blazers facing, arguably, the best 2 teams in the West in the same week. But hey, with a healthy Lillard leading the scoring, Melo contributing wherever he can (MORE DOUBLE-DOUBLEs) and Whiteside and McCollum filling in everywhere they can, the Blazers are looking better. And that’s why counts, for now.

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