Pacers (12-6) @ 76ers (13-6) – All Eyes on Pacers, All Bets on 76ers. NSS Preview

Pacers (12-6) @ 76ers (13-6) 5:00 PM MST – All Eyes on Pacers, All Bets on 76ers

Both teams are coming off wins of their 1st of back to back games. This is the 1st meeting of 4 between this 2 teams and on paper both teams are looking evenly matched. The 76ers have a slight lead on the standing record but the Pacers 5 game winning streak gives them momentum and confidence. 76ers also on a winning streak behind the Embiid bounce back games.

The Pacers 5 game winning streak are highlighted by wins over the Jazz and the Nets. Domanta Sabonis has been the Pacers go to guy for scoring but the team is strength relied of the lineup balance and unexpected break out performances (ie Aaron Holiday). Malcom Brogdon could be arguably the key player in this matchup vs 76ers, his defense on Richardson and Simmons will come in handy.


The 76ers playing at home are the clear favorites, but this team hasn’t been playing the greatest of basketball. Yea Ben Simmons is now shooting 3s (1 for 2), Richardson can breakout for scoring but the 76ers are finding more flaws in their game. The 76ers from having big names on their roster but just like the Pacers they are relying on unexpected performances.

The margin between the Pacers and 76ers on paper may seem larger on paper than at an actual game scale and the Pacers should be looking tip the scale. The Pacers need to give Embiid trouble just like the Raptors did and hope for a good 3 point shooting night.

Pick: Pacers. The Pacers are balance and well coach.

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