NSS Player Watch: Carmelo Anthony

Welcome Back Melo

5 Games in to his return and Carmelo Anthony is already selling out jerseys. The Blazers are paying Melo $14,490 for each day that he is on the roster, financially this has already been a successful investment. Melo’s 00 (Double 0 Jersey) price range between 49.99 and 69.99, Haters will say that they only had 15 Anthony jerseys in stock and that’s why they sold out. Regardless of the financial aspect, the Blazers are benefitting from having Melo on the court.

Melo’s is averaging 16.6 Pts, 5 Reb, 1.8 Ast in 5 Games, the Blazers record 2-3 since the debut.


Melo hasn’t just been a “feel good” story for the Blazers and the NBA he is showing that whatever happen is in the past and he is a player that still is very in love with the game of basketball. Once Again, welcome back Melo.

One Big thing about Melo is that with his return also the reminder of the great player he was and how much he accomplish. It didn’t take him very long to pass Alex English on the NBA All-Time Scoring list for the 18th spot and is now chasing Kevin Garnett.

As of 11/29/19 before the game vs Bulls, here where Melo sits in the All-Time Scoring List:

  1. Hakeem Olajuwon – 26,946
  2. Oscar Robertson – 26,710
  3. Dominique Wilkins – 26.668
  4. Tim Duncan – 26,496
  5. Paul Pierce – 26,397
  6. John Havlicek – 26,395
  7. Kevin Garnett – 26,071
  8. Carmelo Anthony – 25,634

Melo only needs 437 Points to catch up Garnett. The Blazers have already played 19 games, leaving Melo with 63 games (assuming that he stays on the roster/NBA for the remaining for the season) he only needs to average 6.94 points a night. Now keeping his average at 16.6 he could be on pace to do it in 26.32 games.

Now here is the fun part Olajuwon sits at 26,946 points (or 1,312 more than Melo). If Melo can keep his average in the range of 16 he could add another 1,008 points, passing Garnett, Havlicek, Pierce, Duncan, Wilkins and sitting behind Robertson. If the Blazers make the playoffs just more room to climb for Melo.

Does it make you wonder where Melo could have been if he hasn’t been away from the NBA.

Melo doesn’t give the Blazers an immediate Championship contention but he does give them a bright spot to the season.

Welcome back Melo

What do you think about Melo’s return? Where he be in the NBA All-Time Scoring list by the end of the Season??

Melo Nonsense Watch Updates:

  • Win 107 -103 Vs Bulls (11/29/2019) – 23 Points, 11 Rebounds, 4 Assist, 1 Steal
  • Name Western Conference “Player of the Week” For The Week Ending Dec. 1st, 2019

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