Vikings Vs Rams!! TNF!! NSS Game Preview!!

Vikings Vs Rams!! TNF!! NSS Game Preview!!

First off, we are going to ignore last week’s HOME performance by the Vikings.  Let’s just enjoy the comedic fact that they are four teams with a 1-1-1 record, how many more ties are we going to have this year? I can’t be the only person that hopes that there is tie every week.  Week 4, Vikings vs Rams is about 2 teams that impress last year, got better over the summer, set high expectations and now are just trying to live up to it.

This the perfect opportunity for Kirk Cousins to justified his paycheck, clear and simple.  If Cousins can’t produce the desired results, somebody will start talking about how Case Keenum handle the Rams last year.  In theory, the Vikings are a better team than last year due to the acquisition of Cousins and the return of Dalvin Cook.  Week 4 is up and there is lots of work to put in.

Owning Todd Gurley in fantasy football is like keeping a Blue Eyes White Dragon at the top of your deck at all times.  Gurley makes the team that good.  The Rams have put 30 plus points in all their games.  Given, they faced the Raiders, Cardinals and Chargers this would be their first real test of the season for them.

The Rams have almost the complete balance with 6 passing touchdowns and 4 rushing, all by Gurley (a fantasy cheat code).  The Vikings on the other hand seem to stick to their passing game with no rushing touchdowns.  Dalvin Cook (questionable) leads the team with 78 yards and Latavius Murray follows with 62 yards.

It will be a fun game, in which the defenses will play major factors for each team.  Vikings have only allowed 2 rushing touchdowns.  Talib will be missed by the Rams, ideally Marcus Peters will be back to defend Stephon Diggs.  The Vikings will look to contain Gurley and the Rams will look limit Cousins passing yardage.


Rams win, Vikings doubts will start to creep in.

Vikings need a wakeup call to start improving their ground game.  Dalvin Cook may not be 100% and Latavius Murray needs to be doing more.



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