Are Expectations for Jones to Lead Both in Yards and Touchdowns?

Should the expectations for Jones be to lead both in yards and touchdowns?

                A tough loss to the Saints in a NFC South battle, the Falcons are now 1-2 through week 3.  Matt Ryan throws for 5 touchdowns but none to star receiver Julio Jones.  Rookie Calvin Ridley caught 3 of them and received for 146 yards.  While the Falcons displayed a great pairing of wide receivers where does that leave Jones and how does he see his lack of touchdowns.

                Early in the season the Falcons said that they were planning to involve more Jones in the red zone, that doesn’t seem to be happening.  Jones is a game changer and while other receiver benefit from the attention that he gets on the field, it should not mean that he should be completely forgotten about when in the red zone.  Ryan has thrown for 897 yards and Jones is responsible for 329 yards.

                In 2016 when the Falcons made it to the super bowl Jones only score 6 times while still receiving for the most yards.  That year he had 3 touchdowns in 3 games, but none vs the Patriots in the championship.  Jones has been 2nd in receiving yards for the past couple years and was the number one the 2015 season.  Consistency in yardage is not a problem for Jones, lack of touchdowns is. 

2017 Receiving Leader – Antonio Brown 1533 receiving yards, 9 Touchdowns.

2017 Receiving Touchdown Leader – DeAndre Hopkins 13 Touchdowns.

2016 Receiving Leader – T.Y. Hilton 1,448 receiving yards, 6 Touchdowns.

2016 Receiving Touchdown Leader – Jordy Nelson 14 Receiving Touchdowns.

                The Falcons are not winning and Jones is not scoring.  There may not be a big a connection between receiving yards and scoring touchdowns, in terms that one does not guaranteed the other.  So maybe is not a problem for the Falcons stats, but am sure it drives Jones’ fantasy owners crazy that he may have crazy yardage with no touchdowns.

As of September 24, 2018 AJ Green and Calvin Ridley, with 4 each, are the receiving touchdown leaders in the NFL.  While Saints’ Michael Thomas leads in receiving yards. 

                For the Falcons to get back into contention (or better yet, not fall too far behind) involving Jones in more red zones plays could build momentum for the future.  In the 4th quarter, when the game is on the line the ball will be thrown Jones way (whether Ryan throws a good pass, is a conversation for another day) is a given to defenses.  Maybe for the Falcons it works better for others to score after Jones does the dirty work.

Should the expectations for Jones be lead both in yards and touchdowns?

Technically, yes or at least build a better winning strategy for Jones, who could be leaving the Falcons.

What are your thoughts?


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