The Baker Rises! At The Perfect Time! 1-1-1 Browns!

The Baker Rises! At The Perfect Time! 1-1-1 Browns!

                It was halftime and the air was different even as the Browns were down 14-3.  Tyrod Taylor used up all his lives and it was officially Baker Mayfield time.  Maybe it was by design to make Mayfield the hero of the story for the Browns.  After he enter the game, it seem like the Browns could do no wrong causing the Jets to fumble and throw 2 interceptions.  Sports magic happen during 69 yards tying drive that included the pass to Jarvis Landry for 29 yards; Touchdown by Carlos Hyde; and a perfectly executed 2 Point conversion.

Mayfield finished the night with 201 yards completing 17 out of 23 passes, no touchdowns just the 2-pt trick play.  Hyde finish with 98 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns on a very special night for him.  Landry broke 100 yards receiving for the 2nd time in 3 games, something that did not happen once last year.  I say again, once the Taylor was out and Mayfield was in, the Browns did no wrong, Mayfield was the hero that started the fire for the Browns.

Sam Darnold decisions making seem didn’t seem to be in the right places, but it wasn’t all his fault.  Darnold ended with 2 interceptions, the 2nd one coming on the last drive of the night.  Robby Anderson fumble forced by Denzel Ward was as costly as Darnold decision making.  The Jets played hard and competed to the final minutes of the game, improvement was made and the Jets will keep improving.  They face the Jaguars and the Broncos next 2 weeks.

Mayfield and Browns will face the Raiders, Ravens and Chargers, 2 of those games being back to the Dawg Pound.  All eyes will be on Mayfield.  The Browns being at 1-1-1 sounds like a made up stat line but there they are at a solid 500.  For the Browns next comes an exciting Sunday in which, the Ravens play the Broncos and the Bengals against the Panthers missing Joe Mixon.  Monday night the struggling Steelrs take on Fitzmagic, the AFC North couldn’t get any more exciting.

Nonsense Predictions

  • Baker Mayfield – Rookie of the year!! (by Ryan)
  • Carlos Hyde 1000 Rushing – 203 through week 3.



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