NFL Rule Out For Week 3!! Mixon, Ajayi, Cook, among others

Rule Out For Week 3!! Mixon, Ajayi, Cook, among others

                Its only Friday and NFL team lineups are coming out letting us know who may be playing and who is fully ruled out.  This rulings affect teams and fantasy football players who now have to switch their strategy for the upcoming Sunday games.  Time to hit the wires and find the backups, sleepers or that random guy your uncle who knows a guy told you about.

Here are some key players that will be MIA (as off 9/21/18)

Eagles: Jay Ajayi, Darren Sproles.

Carson Wentz won’t have a healthy backfield to rely on his 1st day back on the job.  Ajayi 85 rushing yards leads the team.  Corey Clement and Wendell Smallwood will have an increase role.  The positive here is that Wentz is back (whether rushed or not), he will be giving full control of the offense.  The negative is that Wentz is back and if he happens to stumble out the gate, players like Ajayi and Sproles won’t be there to help.


Bengals: Joe Mixon (possibly for multiple games)

Mixon in 2 games was the workhorse for the Bengals.  Andy Dalton and A.J. Green touchdown numbers benefited the most because Mixon presence attracted so much attention.  Giovani Bernard has been the only other running back that has played for the Bengals.  We will find out what Mark Walkton, rookie out of Miami can do.


Falcons: Devante Freeman (2nd game missed)

Freeman will be out for the 2nd straight game and against another NFC North opponent in the Saints.  Tevin Coleman handle himself pretty well ending the game with 107 rushing yards in 16 attempts.  The Falcons will still run a pass 1st offense, were the Saints have allowed 651 yards and haven’t had any interceptions.


Vikings: Dalvin Cook

                Maybe just a precautionary benching, the Vikings are playing the Buffalo Bills.  Cook’s long term health, is the number 1 priority.  Cook is already having a slow start averaging 3 yards on 26 carries for 78 yards and no touchdowns.  Or maybe it, the Vikings strategy to go pass heavy, trying to get out of Kirk Cousins every dime that they spent on him.


Colts: Jack Doyle

Good tight-ends are hard to find in the league and especially for a team like the Colts who lack in reliable targets.  Doyle will be missed, Ebron will step up to the plate and try to pick up the slack in a tight-end heavy offense like the Colts.


Bills: Lesean McCoy

                Not technically “out” but playing the Vikings defense, fantasy football owners should sit him anyways.


Who do you think will be missed most by their team this week?



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