Jets at Browns!! Favor the Brown!!

Jets at Browns!! Favor the Brown!!

                Thursday Night Football Jets vs Browns could be the most watched game Thursday game of the season.  The Browns being favor to win, should be reason enough to turn and see if they can pull it through.  Being “favor” to win some times doesn’t mean anything, the Jets demolished the week 1 favorites the Lions.  This is not a guaranteed win by the Browns.  A loss could be just as fun to watch as a win.

                After a start of 0-1-1 for the Browns, the whispers of “Put Baker Mayfield in” may start to become yells.  Tyrod Taylor is having a rough start but the team hasn’t giving up on him, just yet.  Jarvis Landry and Carlos Hyde make up the leaders in receiving and rushing yards.  The Browns have had 2 tough matchups to begin the year but for the next 4 games there is hope in the air.

                The Jets can feel confident about Sam Darnold who doesn’t seem to be worried about making small mistakes.  Darnold focus seems to be on improving as a QB and making the right decision.  Robby Anderson and Billal Powell are guys that are producing consistently for them.

                Having to wait all day for this game is the real killer of the day.

Check out the Nonsense Sports Youtube Segment for the Game Preview


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