Surprise!! AJ Green & Dalton All Smiles!! The Morning after Reaction!!

Surprise!! AJ Green & the Bengals!! 2-0!! The Morning after Reaction!!

                Green scores 3 touchdowns before the Ravens get on the scoreboard.  It was a historic night for the Bengals and a statement win over the Ravens.  Joe Flacco did his best Joe Flacco impression throwing 2 interceptions, noted one of them was due a hit as he was throwing.  But still all that hype after demolishing the Bills, it just strengthens the case that it wasn’t a good Ravens team just an extremely bad Bills team.

                If you read (I hope you read) “Ravens Vs Bengals!! TNF!! Game Preview”, I went off on how AJ Green closed out the year last season in the stat sheet.  I just want to point out that Green total of 4 touchdowns is already at half of what he had last year.  By the way, yes I did picked the Ravens to win and I think am happier that they loss.  And not just for the reason that I know have more Flacco puns than before but because… I know have more Flacco puns than before.

                The Bengals came out the gate banging knowing what was at stake, its only week 2 and they don’t want to waste time.  Joe Mixon was more than impressive and Tyler Boyd looks like the perfect fit next to Green.  My favorite part of the game, was the game plan.  Last week bigger weaknesses was a slow start that put them behind, but they came back.  They were able to fix it and continue their momentum.

                The Ravens had no sense of urgency and it seem like they were just relying on the magic from last week.  It wasn’t just over/under thrown passes but the defense couldn’t stop anybody and when they did, there was a flag.  Nothing worked for the Ravens but my biggest confusion was Lamar Jackson coming into the game, making Flacco a wide receiver.  Flacco has a career total of 35 receiver yards, who were they trying to trick.

                Bengals are doing great, 2-0 and leading the division is a good start.  Biggest concern should be to take care of Mixon after he took some big hits from the Ravens.  For the Ravens, CJ Mosley will be missed.  Most importantly asking the question how come the leading rusher, Alex Collins, only has 48 yards and is followed by rookie Jackson with 45.

What did you think about the game?


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