Dez Bryant!! Nonsense Destinations!! He is going to play right?

Dez Bryant!! Nonsense Destinations!! He is going to play right?

                Week 2 of football Dez Bryant is still jobless, twitter trolling full time.  I mean, honestly that’s really the life.  Chilling by the pool **tweet; work out *tweet, eat veggies *tweet about eating veggies; oh look its Sunday Cowboys loss again, tweet about how the Cowboys should eat more veggies.  Dez is going to play, either he’ll get bored and not let his talent go to waste.  Or (more than likely) a team will get desperate enough to throw in the keys to a space shuttle so he can travel daily to his home in the moon.

By the way, maybe Bryant is just taking some time off to recover and try to come back with 100% health and stamina.  While the league has been playing for 5 or 6 weeks.  Dez is smart player and individual, he knows where he can find an edge.

Carolina Panthers (100% Nonsense)

As week 2 begins, looking at the Panthers receiving squad, it seen that there is plenty of room for improvements.  Greg Olsen, Cam’s favorite target, is going to be out for a couple weeks.  Christian McCaffrey keeps making leaps of improvements in his 2nd year in the league.  Devin Funchess, right now is the number 1 wide receiver and clearly has the potential to impress.  At some point in time we have to stop nitpicking on Cam’s run game and realized that he doesn’t have many places to throw too.  ENTER DEZ BRYANT.

The ability for Cam and Dez to make big plays could separate the Panthers from some other teams.  Both of this guys need to make statements and show proof of their success, Dez and Romo highlights are not enough.  Cam’s super bowl loss still lingers in the air.

Chicago Bears (75% Nonsense)

(Note: ignore the fact, that financially this is close to impossible)

Khalil Mack on one side of the ball and Dez Bryant on the other.  Does this move make the Bears championship contenders? Its tips the lever.  Bryant would bring even more attention to the Bears offense, one that right now is relying on a comeback season by Allen Robinson.  Bryant would step in to the number 1 slot, giving Robinson a chance for an actual comeback reason.  The running game with Howard and Cohen is already deadly, but at some time Trubisky will have to play quarterback and throw the ball.

Green Bay Packers (50% Nonsense)

                Aaron Rodgers is looking for a favorite or go to target.  While Jimmy Graham will be trusted in the Red Zone, Rodgers could use more.  Enter Dez Bryant, while yes he will take targets away from Devante Adams but it will also set him for more one-one coverage.  The Packers have some money that they could be willing to use on Dez.  The biggest downfall here is that the Packers won’t be playing the Cowboys.

San Francisco 49ers (25% Nonsense)

                Dez Bryant is younger than Pierre Garcon, healthier than Goodwin and huge target for Jimmy Garoppolo.  The 49ers are trying to break into the playoffs, simple and plain.  They will go as far as Jimmy G can take them.  Can you imagine how much this move would kill the Cowboys “unintentionally”?  Dak and Zeke are already having a rough start, how much worse could that be if Dez signs with the 49ers and is successful?  The locker room featuring Jimmy G, Richard Sherman and Dez it will be glorious.

New England Patriots (0% Nonsense)

This would just be bad for both sides.

Where do you think that Dez Bryant should play??


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