Ravens Vs Bengals!! TNF!! NSS Game Preview!!

Ravens Vs Bengals!! TNF!! NSS Game Preview!!

AFC North Showdown. Ravens. Bengals. Thursday Night. Still no Le’Veon Bell. Week 1 wins for Bengals and Ravens and a tied for the Steelers, makes the AFC North the topic of the week. Both teams coming off wins, but neither win really define who the team are and where they’ll go. The only certain that there is that this game will be better than lasts weeks.

Joe Flacco is motivated and have been playing with focus and poise that can be seen in elite QBs. Newcomers’ Crabtree, Snead and Brown fill up the lack of quality receivers that the Ravens were missing last year. Flacco shouldn’t be the only walking on thin ice in Baltimore, this team has been trending down since their championship year.

AJ Green ended last season with 1,078 yards and 8 touchdowns, which are great starts coming from your WR1. Green made it to the top 10 in receiving TDs for the 4th time in his career. In 8 years, Green only has 4 playoff games and only 1 TD in the postseason. The Bengals haven’t made the playoffs since 2015 and haven’t been pass the wild card since 1990.

The Steelers are the ones who have dominated the AFC North for the past couple years are starting to have issues. Big Ben, Bell and Brown may all be top picks for any team to have in their franchise but they don’t seem be meshing well in Pittsburg. All those struggles should be lighting a fire under both the Bengals and the Ravens cause it may be the year for them to break into the playoffs.

Nonsense Prediction

  • Ravens take the win
  • Crabtree, Snead & Brown will keep making Flacco look elite.

What are your predictions??


Check out the Youtube Segment



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