Severino vs Snell vs Kluber: Who Will Get The Most Wins in the AL

Severino vs Snell vs Kluber: Who Will Get The Most Wins in the AL

                An exciting Wednesday September 5th as 2 of the 3 pitchers with the most wins (17) will play today. Luis Severino (17-6) and Corey Kluber (17-7) will face the Athletics’ and the Royals. While Blake Snell (17-5), who makes the three way tie, he is playing tomorrow the 6th against the Orioles. Yankees and Indians seem to have a playoff, while Snell may be crucial as the Rays try to make their way in.


Yankees’ Severino 17 wins, 199 strikeouts, 3.32 ERA and among other stats keep him high in the top 10 in baseball. 1 more strikeout will make it his 2nd straight season with at least 200 strikeouts. His next win will give him 40 Career wins in 4 years. The Yankees are all in on Severino and his family, also signing his younger brother earlier in the season. Severino at 24 years old is solidifying himself as a pitching Ace after what could have been his break out season last year.


Indians’ Kluber 17 wins, 180 strikeouts, 2.80 ERA has the Indians sitting at the top of the Central division. The Indians’ aren’t getting enough credit for their wins, pitching nor their batting. With Kluber leading in wins and Trevor Bauer leadind in strikeouts with 214, the Indians have plenty of confidence on the mount. Kluber only allow only 2 homers in the month of August and has only taken 1 loss, talk about a guy gaining momentum going in to October. 7 years in the league and 7 wins from reaching the 100 mark.


Rays’ Snell 17 wins, 177 strikeouts, 2.02 ERA is working towards a Cinderella finish to the season. Snell is 1 of 2 pitchers with at least 10 wins for the Rays, he sits at 8-2 in his last 10 games. The Rays are sitting out of the playoff pictures sitting at 75-63, 1.5 games behind the Mariners and 3 games behind the Indians. Outside looking in and gaining momentum, Rays are on a 4 game winning streak, nobody should take the Rays lightly. For Snell, this officially counts as his breakout season and people are starting to talk more about him.

Baseball is getting to its final stretch, teams are either preparing for October or already planning their next year strategies. Being able to find the right pitcher could be the 1st step for teams aiming at the World Series. Severino, Kluber and Snell are pitchers that have proven to be the foundations for their team.

Who Will Get The Most Wins in the AL?? Severino? Snell? Kubler? Somebody Else?



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