Yankees Vs Athletics: Less Than 30 Days Tilt October!!

Yankees Vs Athletics: Less Than 30 Days!!

                Yankees won the 1st game in September but currently on a 2 game losing streak.  But hey who cares because the Wild Card spot is still a playoff spot where the real music starts.  When that dance starts, the hope (or wish) is for Aaron Judge and Didi Gregorius to be back.  The future is looking even brighter Judge is starting to swing the bat again. 

                The Yankees have 8 more away games before they return home for their last 9 home games of the season.  It has been a great year for the Yankees, nonetheless.  Ups and downs, with a great start that have been able to keep them high in the standings.  While Stanton team grade as yet to be determined, Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres have been almost gold for the Yankees.

                Happ and Severino will finish out the series against the Athletics’ then will come back against the Twins.  Severino 17 wins and 199 strikeouts is the clear leader of the pitching squad.  While celebrating that Tanaka finally got his 10th win, Lynn have taken a step back.  Overall Aroldis Chapman is missed by this Yankees team.

                Athletics’ could be the matchup for the Yankees in October, losing now could give the Athletics’ momentum going into the series.  For the year series is still tied at 2 game each so the next 2 games are crucial for both teams.  On paper the Yankees have the advantage and an easy 1st round could buy more time for Judge and overall health of the team.  On the other hand no team should be taken granted and the Athletics’ have made it this far for a reason.


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