Falcons Vs Eagles: The Trials Of Nick Foles Begin!!

Falcons Vs Eagles: The trial Of Nick Foles Begin!!

The Eagles number 1 question after the super bowl win was when is Carson Wentz coming back and what’s going to happen for Nick Foles. Foles, the Super Bowl MVP, a hero in Philadelphia, also the guy who couldn’t score a touchdown in preseason. But come on, nobody will remember that, it’s just preseason and that doesn’t count towards the regular season. The Falcons and Eagles kick off week 1 on Thursday, (fantasy) football is back.

Foles is the clear starter for the Eagles, mostly due to Wentz health status. Wentz is to the Eagles is what the ring is to the Lord of the Rings, “precious”. And like anything you care for, you have to take care of it, so there is a possibility that back up Nate Sudfeld could see the field first. The Eagles have been clear from the beginning Foles was the MVP of the Super Bowl but Wentzylvania is still the future.


The Falcons ended the season 10-6 with a playoff spot ultimately losing to the Eagles in the division matchup 15-10. For the Falcons, it was Foles the men behind the center. Steve Sarkisian, Matt Ryan and Julio Jones have a lot to prove for The Falcons a week 1 revenge, would be a good start.

Another concern coming into the season could be the Eagles are looking to deal with their Super Bowl hangover. Wentz being out is already an excuse that can be use if the Eagles have a rocky start. Truly there is no reason for them to jeopardize their future of the franchise. For the Falcons reliving their glory days (season) should be their main focus.

Nonsense Watch!

  • Nick Foles – with all available weapons.
  • Jay Ayayi – As a number 1 back and his role with Nick Foles.
  • Sarkisian Offense – Success or failure, and how it all compares to Mike Shanahan’s run the 49ers.
    • Matt Ryan
    • Julio Jones
    • Freeman and Coleman rotation
  • Congratulations Brent Celek on his retirement

What are your game predictions? Who will you be watching this season?

Watch The Video Segment!!


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