Happ! Severino! Tanaka! Lynn! Vs Detroit Tigers.

Happ! Severino! Tanaka! Lynn! Vs Detroit Tigers.

Does anybody want to talk about the White Sox series? Nope. Me either. Moving On. The Yankees (84-49) will be home for a 4-game series vs the Detroit Tigers (53-80). Approaching the last stretch of baseball, the Yankees sit 7.5 games behind the Red Sox but comfortably in the Wild Card. The Tigers could just be looking for a strong end to the season, currently they are losers of 5 straight.

Happ, Severino, Tanaka and Lynn are probably the best rotation the Yankees have at this moment. Happ and Severino being the strong “aces” while Lynn able to hold his own. Tanaka (include Sonny Gray and CC Sabathia) seems to the weak link of those four, the struggles are obvious and may be costly. But the glass could be half full in the sense that getting rid of this losses not may mean he will bounce strong in October.

Giancarlo Stanton, it feels like we are always talking about him, praising him, blaming him, taking selfies with him, is a Stanton world. Stanton is the brand name for the Yankees and he handles being the brand like non-other that’s why we do it, Stanton is great. Whether he is hitting homers on consecutive games or being walked is the only time that he gets on base, when talking about the Yankees we have to talk about Stanton. Now please, Stanton can you make it so we can talk about how fast a ball is traveling out of the park once it connects with you bat?

The Tigers may not have a lot to fight for except for self-improvement and maybe to look appealing for free agents. But the Tigers (and the White Sox) play a big role in fight between Red Sox and Yankees. 7.5 Games lead by the Red Sox they will look to extend vs the White Sox, who caught a fired as of late. Can you imagine if the White Sox can still 2 from the Red Sox and the Yankees can sweep the Tigers?

Nonsense Watch!!

  • Tanaka game 3? 9-5, stepping to the plate again. Still chasing that 10th win
  • Miguel Andujar 22 HRs Vs Gleyber Torres 22 HRs

What are your series predictions??


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