Prime Dwight Howard vs prime Patrick Ewing

Prime Dwight Howard vs prime Patrick Ewing

Written by Kevin Bertalotto.

Note: In this unbiased article we’ll get to see Dwight Howard’s 5 best seasons vs Ewing’s.

Scoring Dwight Howard Patrick Ewing
08-12 Dwight

89-94 Ewing

  • 20.6ppg
  • 7.2/12.2 FGAs= 59%
  • 6.2/10.8 FTAs = 57.9%
  • 28.7 offensive win shares
  • 25.6ppg
  • 10.1/18.5 FGAs = 51.8%
  • 5.4/7.2 FTAs = 74.9%

Comments: Although there is no stats on Ewing’s shooting, we do know he was able to shoot jumpers, unlike Dwight, definitely had more offensive moves again, unlike Dwight. No doubt based off the stats and footages of the two it is quite obvious Patrick Ewing was the better scorer.

Rebounding Dwight Howard Patrick Ewing
08-12 Dwight

90-94 Ewing

  • 13.9 rpg
  • 3.8 offensive rebs
  • 10.1 defensive rebs
  • grabbed 31% of team’s total rebs
  • 11.3rpg
  • 2.6 offensive rebs
  • 8.7 defensive rebs
  • grabbed 21% of team’s total rebs

Thoughts: Although Dwight averaged more rebounds than Ewing, we must factor in several things like Pat played with Charles Oakley during those 5 yrs who avg 10.5 rebs, D12 never had a teammate during those 5 yrs that rebounds like Oakley, for multiple seasons Rashard Lewis was Dwight’s best rebounding teammate. The average pace from 08-12 was 92.04, from 90-94 was 96.02, we all know in the 00s teams shot more 3s than in the Ewing’s time making it harder for centers like Dwight to get rebounds. This category is so close when you factor in everything, so let’s call it a tie.

Defense Dwight Howard Patrick Ewing
08-12 Dwight

90-94 Ewing

  • 2.5 blocks
  • 1.1 steals
  • 33.3 defensive win shares
  • 96 DRTG
  • 3.0 blocks
  • 1 steal
  • 33.8 defensive win shares
  • 98 DRTG

Comments: In Dwight’s defense, Patrick Ewing did benefit from hand checking, allowed to be a bit more physical, but Pat definitely made more players shook than D12 who many consider “soft”. Although Ewing was more tough on defense, I do think Dwight was the better rim protector if you were to have Ewing play by the rules Howard played with. Sure Pat played against more elite centers than Dwight did in those 5 yrs, but we can’t deny D12 was the slightly better defender, come on og the 5 years not once was Ewing top 3 in DPOY, meanwhile Howard won it 3x in a row!

Playoffs Dwight Howard Patrick Ewing
08-11 Dwight (53 games)

90-94 Ewing (65 games)

  • 20.7ppg
  • 7/11.6 FGAs = 60%
  • 14.3rpg
  • 1.5 asts
  • 2.9blks
  • 4.7 defensive win shares
  • 24.3 PER
  • 98 DRTG
  • 23.8ppg
  • 9.5/20.1 FGAs = 47%
  • 11.2rpg
  • 2.5 asts
  • 2.5 blks
  • 5 defensive win shares
  • 21 PER
  • 101 DRTG

Comments: Almost the same in the regular season, Ewing was the better offensive player but Dwight had a slight edge on D, as far as rebounding Dwight does lead that along with efficiency.

Advanced stats Dwight Howard
08-12 Dwight

90-94 Ewing

Player Efficiency Rating- 24.5

Value Over Replacement- 21.3

  • Player Efficiency Rating- 23.2
  • Value Over Replacement- 22.7

In those 5 years:

Dwight: 5x All Star, won DPOY for 3 consecutive years, made all defensive team 1st and 2nd all 5 yrs, all NBA 1st Team 5x, led the NBA in rebounds 4x, led the league in blocks 2x,  was top 3 in MVP voting, led Orlando to the Finals (09)

Ewing: 5x All star, made all NBA 1st Team 1x, all NBA 2nd team 3x, led New York to the Finals (94).


Yes both are great players and did what they were asked to do very well, having said when asked who in their prime was the better individual, I would take Ewing, but not in a heartbeat.

Comment Who Would You Take?? Why?


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