Can Tanaka get his 10th win against the White Sox!!

White Sox will go to New York for final 3 games of the series!! Yankees lead 3-0!!

               The White Sox were the team that the Yankees used to bounce back from a 5-game losing streak, including a sweeping by the Red Sox.  The Yankees were able to flip the switch and currently on a 4-game winning streak, 8-2 in the last 10 and still no return date for Judge.  Yankees are looking good, but not so good that all worries are gone.  6 game behind the Red Sox, anything could happen.

For whatever reason Masahiro Tanaka is struggling to get his 10th win of the season.  Tanaka has giving up 5 home runs in 10 games.  The Yankees pitching have been their weakness, Tanaka started hot in the season, at a point he was on 7 game winning streak.  Still, Lance Lynn and JA Happ have been great.  Sonny Gray is the only other guy that scares me when he starts more than CC Sabathia.

The White Sox are on a winning streak of their own after beating out the Tigers 3 games out of 4.  For the next 7 games is the Yankees and the Red Sox, who are the top teams in the American League.  But hey then they play Detroit again, so that’s a positive perspective. White Sox need to stay positive and avoid becoming batting practice for the slumping Red Sox.

It’s been 7 games since Giancarlo Stanton got a homer. With that in mind, at an unknown location, some analytical genius may be putting his money on a homer by Stanton. It’s interesting how it happens, that Stanton just disappears but then comes back and gets 2 to 3 in a short span and then goes back into hiding. But hey thank you Stanton, extremely hoping that you don’t go full ghost for a 7 game series.

It could be easy to say that this will be an easy sweep for the Yankees, but I can’t. The only am truly confident is game 1 where Tanaka is pitching, because he has to get his 10th win some day. Lynn had a fall against Miami, so have to hope that it doesn’t translate.

Lastly, am I the only person that gets a little scare every time CC Sabathia steps up? Still one of my favorite players, Sabathia is the embodiment of the Yankees swagger and possibly the end of that era. Sabathia is one of the greats.

Notes!! Predictions!! Nonsense

  • Gleyber Torres did not break in to the 20s – Wrong prediction. 100 Push-ups Owed!!
  • Tanaka needs his 10th win
  • CC Sabathia is 40 strikeouts from 3k!! 3 effing k!!
    • 2960 Strikeouts!! 1st among active players!!
    • 17th in all-time list!!

What are your predictions??

WhiteSoxYankees8.27 (002)


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