Top 5 Mid Range Shooters In The Last NBA Season

Top 5 Mid Range Shooters In The Last NBA Season


Note: Minimum of at least 100 attempts

  1. No shocker the best midrange shooters was the best shooter in NBA history, Stephen Curry who shot 78/130 (60%). Haters claim he only shoots 3s but clearly he takes his fair share of midrange Js as well. steph
  2. Chris Paul going 97/180 (53.9%) on midrange was not a surprise as overall he’s a good shooter from all over the court, has high basketball IQ so his shot selection is on point. usa_today_10852197.0
  3. This dude actually came off the bench but wounded up top 3 in this list, having said that Trey Burke of the New York Knicks was 89/166(53.6%) from midrange. NBA: New York Knicks at Denver Nuggets
  4. At number four we have the last one to shoot at least 50% from midrange, minimum of 100 attempts. TJ McConnell of the Philadelphia 76ers shot 51/102(50%), some may assume he’s a bum since he is a white player off the bench but this man is underrated and will always hustle. 3075597_1280x720
  5. Kyrie Irving aka Uncle Drew was 112/225 (49.8%) from midrange which again wasn’t a shocker. GettyImages-930632234

Honorable mention: Barely behind Kyrie was sharpshooter JJ Redick another 76er who will likely be top 10 next season as well in this category. Anyways, as of last season he went 146/296(49.3%) from midrange. Memphis Grizzlies v Philadelphia 76ers


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