Yankees Report: Winless in New York!! 5 Game Losing Streak!!

Winless in New York!! 5 Game Losing Streak!!

The Red Sox didn’t just sweep the Yankees, it was embarrassing. Especially game 4, in which the Red Sox came back from behind to get the win and extend their lead to 9.5 games. The Yankees have been looking worse and worse in the last couple months. Add in the injuries that have been piling up on the roster, if there is not a plan b just yet, am sure is being worked on.

Is no time to panic and getting swept by the Red Sox is not rock bottom. Of course it doesn’t help that the Astros now have a game and a half lead, but is not rock bottom. Luckily for the Yankees being completely cold on both sides of the mount is really nothing new to the team. But if the problems are not address quickly it won’t just be the losing the top seed, Yankees are playing with fire.

With no time table on Judge and Happ recent odd injury the Yankees need to find answers and stop digging their own grave. Let’s be honest the bats are cold as they are already, there is really no need for them to be putting Sonny Gray out there. Severino and Tanaka still have a lot of heat left while CC Sabathia seems to be saving his best games for the playoffs.

August will be in challenging months due to that the team plays almost every day this month. The goal for the month is to bounce back and start heating up the bats. Sonny Gray is out of the lineup which is going to open doors for some new pitchers.

Yankees need to figure out what their goals are wild card or just keep on rolling down. Both New York teams have been completely embarrassing themselves, nobody should be happy.

The Yankees will face the White Sox on 3 game series somebody (Stanton) will need to step up for them to get back and try to stop the bleeding.


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