Green Bay Packers Nonsense Preview!!

Green Bay Packers Nonsense Preview!!

Can the Green Bay Packers stay healthy enough to make it back into the playoffs?? That is the major question right now. Aaron Rodgers seems a lot more motivated than usual with a good reasoning as well. Rodgers was considered a tier 1 QB, meaning that he is great QB and his team cannot win without him. The Packers need bounce back this year as a team if not some drastic changes will be coming along.

Health is key.

Key players

  • Aaron Rodgers is the clearly leader of the team.
  • Jimmy Graham is the new comer and should become a hot red zone target
  • Davante Adams needs to look for a breakout year.
  • Blake Martinez will be defensive force
  • Health



  • Health
  • Make the playoffs
  • Make Rodgers happy (pay him)
  • Make the backfield work, whether is Jones, Williams or Montgomery, make something work.


Nonsense Predictions

  • Packers will make the playoffs
  • Davante Adams 1,000 yards, overall career season


What are your Green Bay Packers Predictions??

Watch the Nonsense Segment!!



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