Top 5 Kawhi Leonard performances as a Spur

Top 5 kawhi leonard performances as a Spur

Yup, it’s true, Kawhi has been traded to TOR, although I’m not a Spurs fan, I will miss watching him play for them, so here are his top 5 games with San Antonio.

  1. At home vs the 2017 Timberwolves, Kawhi had an excellent all around performance of 34 points (18 in 4th Q plus OT), 10 rebs, 5 dimes and stole the ball 6x. Wkawhi-vs-wolves

  2. After losing Game 1 at home to the 2017 Rockets, Kawhi redeemed the Spurs by scoring 34 points on 13/16 shooting, grabbed 8 rebs, dished out 6 assists and stripped the ball 3x. W4d24c8555a932f53a52b182515126601

  3. Once again against the 2017 Rockets but this time in the regular season, Leonard dropped 39 points which 19 came in the 4th Q, collected 6 rebs, assisted on 5 shots and got the 2 point win. W

    Houston Rockets v San Antonio Spurs

  4. During the first round facing the Memphis Grizzlies, “The Klaw” was amazing scoring 43 points, gobbled 7 rebounds, dished out 8 assists, had 24 points in the 4th Q and OT but still lost by 2. L

    Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs - Game One

  5. At Denver in 2015, Mr. Leonard did it all scoring 25 points on 11/18 shooting, grabbed 7 rebounds, assisted on 6 shots, stole the ball 4x and blocked 5 shots. Wkawhi-leonard-dribble-nuggets

What are your favorite Kawhi Leonard Memories and what do you think about the trade??

Check Out The Reaction Video On The YouTube Channel!!

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