How Impactful Will Brook Lopez Be?

How Impactful Will Brook Lopez Be?

In case you haven’t heard, the Milwaukee Bucks signed former Lakers center Brook Lopez to a 1 yr $3.5 million dollar contract. This signing was interesting because it must have been a really long time since the Bucks had a starting center that can shoot 3s, typically they’re shot blocking role players but with this addition he can help stretch  the floor. Although he’s 30, I don’t see him as a mentor/leader something they should get that is also still able to ball, Jason Terry may be a mentor but he’s really near retirement. Back to Brook, shooting 1.5/4.4 on 3s, that is .345% which is the 9th highest of starting Cs minimum of 3 3pt attempts a game. However he was dead last in rebounds per game of all starting Cs minimum of 40 games started.

To emphasize on his 3pt shooting skills, he shot 20/43 on corner 3s which is 46%, wow.  On Iso defense he held his man to 29/74 (39%) shooting, contested the 6th most shots of all centers. Overall he isn’t that good at all besides shooting and somewhat rim protection, not a good playmaker, 🚮 when it comes to rebounding, to be fair he was solid in crunch time last yr shot 50%, will be interesting to see how he’ll fit but I don’t think he could make them much worse.

What do you think about Brook Lopez??


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