Top 5 Tony Parker performances as a Spur

Top 5 Tony Parker performances as a Spur

Note: Although I was a bit disappointed he left San Antonio, he will still be one of my favorite point guards, he’s one of those players who should be respected by all NBA fans.

  1. On the road against the Minnesota Timberwolves back in 2008, Tony Parker had a career high of 55 points (21 in 4th Q/OT) on 22/36 shooting, grabbed 7 rebounds and dished out 10 assists, this was just enough to get the 4 point win in double overtime. W untitled.png
  2. Once again in 2008 Tony had played very well but this time it was in the playoffs vs the Suns. With a chance to take a commanding  3-0 lead Parker dropped 41 points on 17/26 shooting, collected 5 rebounds, assisted on 12 shots as well, this helped San Antonio win by 16. W 82222320.jpg
  3. At Atlanta facing Joe Johnson’s Hawks in 2009, TP outplayed everyone by scoring 41 points on 18/25 shooting, pulled down 3 rebs and dropped 10 dimes along with a 10 point win. W untitled.png
  4. Versus the 2012 Oklahoma City Thunder in San Antonio, Mr. Parker scored 42 points on 16/29 shooting, grabbed 3 rebounds, had 9 assists as well as a 11 point win. W Tony+Parker+Manu+Ginobili+Oklahoma+City+Thunder+kzGiwpuQwyHl
  5. Going up against the rivals Dallas Mavericks in 2009, TP dropped 43 points on 18/29 shooting, collected 5 rebounds, assisted on 3 shots and stole the ball 4x, unfortunately that wasn’t enough to get the W. WTony+Parker+Dirk+Nowitzki+Dallas+Mavericks+g2swichic-Wl.jpg


What’s your favorite Tony Parker memory??

One thought on “Top 5 Tony Parker performances as a Spur”

  1. Every kingdom/ dynasty will one day fall… it might time for the Spurs to be next… the situation with Leonard, past issues with Aldridge… Tony Parker signing with the Hornets… it seems like is coming all down…

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