Seattle Seahawks: Nonsense Preview

Seattle Seahawks: Nonsense Preview

Last Year Summary

  • 9-7 Record
  • Missed playoffs
  • Issues protecting QB
  • Unreliable receivers / lack of production out of the backfield
  • Jimmy Graham constant disappearance

Key Players/ Players to Watch

  • Russell Wilson – 3983 Yards, 586 Rushing Yards, 34 Touchdowns, 3 Rushing TDs, 11 Interceptions.
  • Will need another MVP season to keep the Seahawks relevant (but even that may not be enough)
  • Skyler Phillips – Center – Rookie – Idaho State University.
  • Youngest of 4 centers on the roster, will be getting reps as the Seahawks look for strength on the O-line.
  • Griffin Brothers will be the feel good story.


Winning games will depend

  • Wilson to have another MVP Season
  • Protection from the O-Line
  • Doug Baldwin & Tyler Lockett consistent production
  • Out of 7 Running backs, some production have to be found.


Nonsense or NonSense!!

Francis: Its nonsense if the Seahawks think that this season will be more than a developing season.  They are going to have to survive on feel good stories and player development.

Ryan: It seems like there’s plenty of people doubting the Seahawks this coming year, such as us here at Nonsense Sports, but that could give them motivation to prove everyone wrong and they could maybe sneak into a wild card this year.

What do you think about the Seattle Seahawks??

Watch the video:


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