Nonsense Report: James to the Lakers, Free Agency and the fight for the East

Nonsense Report: James to the Lakers, Free Agency and the fight for the East

LeBron James is officially a Laker, now the battle between true Laker fans and bandwagon fans begins.  James’ will be joined by Rajon Rondo, JaVale McGee and Lance Stephenson, to fill the roles of comic reliefs and unnecessary hype.  The Laker’s now have real winning expectations with a 7-2 Vegas odds.  Surprisingly, no word for Lavar Ball have been heard yet, which could mean they a “silence agreement” was reach as part of James’ contract.

Seriously, the Lakers are not a championship team just yet.  So let’s recall Magic self-expectation to bringing more than one start to LA, therefore Lakers are not done.  So the Lakers will reach out to DeMarcus Cousins and Kawhi Leonard and hope that it doesn’t turn out like the time Karl Malone and Gary Payton also met up at the Lakers.

Let’s talk some NonSense, James’ may not be in LA to replace Kobe Bryant, but the Lakers are bringing in James to replace Kobe.  James goal in LA is to completely maximize himself as more than a basketball player, such as movie star, entrepreneur, LBJ as a Brand Name.  But let’s not forget the main goal is still to reach Jordan and the Lakers can provide him a boost while fully benefitting (if James can produce rings).

The boost that the Lakers can be known as the “Kobe Treatment”.  Bring in players like Stephenson that have history with James and also toughness like they did with Ron Artest (MWP).  Breakdown your biggest competitors (Golden State) by stealing one of their rotational guys (McGee).  Most importantly, let teams forget Caldwell-Pope and Brook Lopez on the roster while keeping plenty young guys fighting for minutes.  Lastly, the Lakers are home to one of the biggest stages (markets) in sports, exposure for James, does not get any better.

Free Agency should be retitled to Money over Rings. Speaking of reaching a pay day, Chris Paul agreed to 4 year for 160 Million, that’s more than LeBron James, if you were wondering.  Carmelo Anthony opted in to his contract, because seriously nobody was going to pay him that money.  There has been a lot of moves in free agency with money being the major factor, to remind you that the NBA is still a business.

The campaign of “Unfinished Business” by Chris Paul and Paul George.  With both of this topics all we have is questions like — What “Unfinished Business” making people forget about the choking and disappointing season? As soon as James’ signed with the Lakers people are assuming that the Lakers will be bounce out by either Houston or OKC.  Have we forgotten how both of those teams suffer from the choking syndrome?

Lastly, can we talk about “The Curious Case of Enes Kanter”; did anybody notice how sad the news of Kanter, decision came and went.  Sad in this situation is define on how hard Kanter tried to get attention and how little he got.  Enes Kanter you have failed Free Agency.

The fight for the East will be the best and worst thing for the NBA next year.


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