Yankees Vs Mets: Hello Jacob DeGrom! Wanna Yankee??

Yankees Vs Mets: Hello Jacob DeGrom!

                Jacob DeGrom is 4-0 while the Mets are 27-32 on a 6 game losing streak.  DeGrom, 29 year old, 98 strikeouts on the season, plain and simple should not let his season go to waste.  A move to the Yankees should not be hard at all for either side, is like a block away for DeGrom.  The Yankees are in need of quality pitchers.  Luis Severino has been great leading the team in wins (9) and strikeouts (102) but he can’t do it alone.  DeGrom to the Yankees should be a higher priority than Bryce Harper.

Honestly, Domingo German and Sonny Gray haven’t been producing for a team with their eyes on the World Series.  German and Bentances are the biggest liabilities that tip the scale.  CC Sabathia is a fan favorite and experience but the decline that he is on is getting harder to not notice.  Tanaka is the only other guy that the Yankees can really trust in the starting pitchers line up.  Chapman will close the game and the bullpen is descent, but for the six to seven innings, DeGrom could make a big difference.

GettyImages-865125670-e1522343668862Broken strikeout record vs the Detroit Tigers was completely forgotten by home runs in the 13th inning by Judge and Stanton.  Five players with over 10 home runs and 98 team totals really show how confident the Yankees are on the offensive side.  The Yankees should the 1st team to 100 homers this season.


DeGrom and Tanaka will kick off the subway battle.  German and Domingo will go against Matz and Syndergaard.  The Yankees are the obvious favorite in the series but Game 2 starting German is the one with the most possibility of going south.  German, until proven otherwise, is a liability for the team fighting the Red Sox for the top spot.


  • 2-1 In the Series. Could fall to DeGrom. German could get his 5th straight loss. Full on panic going into game 2 with German.
  • Break 100 Homers. Stanton hits 100th.
  • Torres hits 101.

Watch the Video Segment — Comment your series predictions and vote on the poll!!!

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