19 Games: Yankees Lead Blue Jays 5-3

19 Games: Yankees Lead Blue Jays 5-3

The New York Yankees are on a 2 game winning streak against the Toronto Blue Jays and won 5 of the last 8 of the series.  But as good as that looks, the bitter taste of another loss by Domingo German still lingers.  German is now 0-4 and is just nerve racking thinking that he will be pitching 2 in the next 10.  The Yankees are working to close down the on Red Sox, German is not helping out the cause.

Aaron Judge 8 strikeouts in 1 day and still no worry about it, whether “confidence” or “delusion” he is the star of the team.  Judge sits at 16 home runs and 83 strikeouts, in other words he either hits out of the park or nothing else.  With only 6 more guys have more home runs than Judge, it doesn’t seem like the Yankees are worry about it either.  It’ll be a matter of time when the Yankees see this as the pun of some joke “Hey remember when Judge struck out 8 times in a day” and then he finishes the season with 50 plus home runs.


The Blue Jays loss 4 of their last 5 and are probably very well aware that the Yankees will look to bounce back (they should be scare).  Playing in Toronto could be the biggest advantage that they have (unlike their NBA counterpart) due to the Yankees recent scheduled with all the rain.  Marco Estrada will be starting out for the Blue Jays with only 2 wins will look to take advantage of tire Yankee squad.

Nothing ever comes easy and nothing is guaranteed in the world of sports.  The Yankees are great at winning the series against teams. Also, they can blame their bad luck with the weather as the biggest reason why the Red Sox are (marginally) ahead.  The Yankees- Red Sox series will kick off again on June 29th till then have to be able to matchup against the opponent at hand.

Game 1 Nonsense:


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