Weather Vs Baseball: Yankees Vs Tigers

Weather Vs Baseball: Yankees Vs Tigers

The Weather in Detroit, MI 68 Fahrenheit Degrees as the 1st game of the Yankees – Tigers double header is about to kick off.  Luis Severino and Drew VerHagen will be the starting pitchers for each team.  According to the weather it should be sunny enough for baseball today, which at least for the Yankees it hasn’t been that way.

New York Yankees 37-17 had to postpone 2 of the 4 games against the Orioles, on the positive side they won the 2 games that they did play.  Four game winning streak feels pretty good for the Yankees especially when Judge and Stanton have had recent homers.  Gleyber Torres was name rookie of the month in the American League.  Other than (literally) rainy days the Yankees have doing pretty good.

The Detroit Tigers 28-31 have been gaining momentum winning 7 of the last 10, which included 3 vs the Angels.  For the Tigers they are lacking in fire homer power with Jeimer Candelario and Nicholas Castellanos leading the way but still under 10 homers.  The Tigers being 3 games under 500 is not the greatest feeling but is better than being at the bottom of the pack.

Game 1 Severino Vs VerHagen, should be a fun one (for the Yankees).  Severino is 8-1 and by far the best pitcher the Yankees have on the line up.  Torres should look to continue his hitting and finally get that 10th homer for the season.  While Didi Gregorius kind of being a ghost but he is still in the line-up.  Game 1 sets the pace and could put the Yankees on a 5 game winning streak.

Game 2 German Vs Fiers.  Let’s be honest, German hasn’t won a game this season so anytime that he is up is rolling the dice and hoping for the best.  German will eventually will get his 1st win, ideally getting it vs the Tigers would be great because it will help close the GAP on the Red Sox.  Honestly, not being rained out would be quite the accomplishment for the Yankees.

Game 1 Updates: Yankees Win 7-4

  • Gleyber Torres hit his 10th homer.
  • Bird hit his 2nd homer.
  • Romine hit his 4th.
  • Luis Severino 10 strikeouts (2nd Straight game with at least 10 Strikeouts).

Game 2 Updates: Tigers win 4-2

  • Domingo German…smh
  • Stanton homers 16th with pure disrespect.
  • Aaron Judge  strikes out 8 times.

One thought on “Weather Vs Baseball: Yankees Vs Tigers”

  1. Gotta love some quality AL baseball! I’m a hometown Tigers fan, but that Yankees team (when healthy) is a true juggernaut. Wouldn’t be too surprised to see an ALCS rematch with the Astros this year.

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