Game 1: Warriors win in overtime! Welcome To The NBA Finals!!

Game 1: Warriors win in overtime! Welcome To The NBA Finals!!

The realization that LeBron James doesn’t just have the worse coach in the NBA history but also has to deal with some of the worse plays from his teammates.  JR Smith’ reasoning for running out the clock was because there were up by 1 point, which later he contradicted himself.  Cavaliers GMs must have felt that the 13,760,000-salary paid (according to ESPN) was money well spend it on a guy with minimal situation awareness on the biggest stage.  Unfortunately, for LeBron James it seems that he must take on the Warriors while also dealing with the inability to trust his teammates when it counts.

The Warriors score 17 points in overtime to destroy Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 1 of the NBA finals.  Steph Curry showed how calmed and deadly he can be in the biggest stage showing how he really is the leader of the team.  Steph Curry dominance of the game completely made me forgot that Kevin Durant even played for the Warriors.  Even though KD score 26 points, Curry was the go to guy when the pressure kicked in.a16e2d5ff425774fcc346514123bcb92

For JR Smith and the Cavaliers, the only memory will be him running the clock out.  Instead of remembering JR Smith making a great effort to get the offensive rebound, Hill missing a free throw or how Jordan Clarkson went 2-9.  Overall the Cavaliers played a great game and at the end of the day it was just one game in a very long series.  Without a doubt JR Smith and the rest of the team will come out harder next game because honestly nobody wants to be nor pull a JR Smith.

Lastly, that was the most interesting game of the NBA playoffs this season.  Both teams went toe to toe proving that they were the best teams, and both deserve to be in the finals.  It was impressive how both team showed their unselfishness with every player that played score, either by design or chance.  Cavaliers vs Warriors volume 4 seems to be just getting started, it was destined to happen, and it will only get better from now on.

Next game will be on Sunday June 3rd, we will be watching.



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