Gail Goodrich vs Reggie Miller: The Argument

Gail Goodrich vs Reggie Miller

Seasons played

Gail Goodrich: 14

Reggie Miller: 18


Gail Goodrich: 18.6ppg 7.2/15.8 shooting

Reggie Miller: 18.2ppg, 5.9/12.6 shooting

Thoughts: Although Gail averaged more ppg, he shot more, however playing with Jerry West, Baylor, Wilt and STILL average more points than Miller who a #1 option is kind still impressive.


Gail Goodrich: 3.2

Reggie Miller: 3.0

Thoughts: Goodrich did play in an era with more possessions than when Reggie played, but again Gail played with Wilt Chamberlain for a couple of years and Happy Hairston two above avg rebounders.


Gail Goodrich: 4.7

Reggie Miller: 3.0

Thoughts: No surprise which one averaged more assists considering Reggie was more of a catch and shoot player and had Mark Jackson a very good playmaking point guard.


Gail Goodrich: 1.2

Reggie Miller: 1.0

Career best

PPG: Gail 25.9, Miller 24.6

RPG: Gail 5.4, Miller 3.9

APG: Gail 7.5, Miller 4.0

Stls: Gail 1.6, Miller 1.5


Gail: 18ppg on 6.8/15 shooting, 3 rebs and 4 asts in 32 mins.

Reggie: 20.6 on 6.5/18.5 shooting, 3 rebs and 2.5 asts in 37 mins.

Thoughts: Now Miller did lead his team to the Finals and far in the playoffs as the man so he gets the edge in that, but who individually played better? Looks like Gail did.


Gail: 1x NBA champ, 5x All Star, 1x All NBA 1st team.

Miller: 5x All Star, 1x All NBA 1st team, 3x All NBA teams


   While stats  may point to Gail Goodrich as the better player, Reggie Miller was a franchise player that again led his team far in the playoffs unlike Gail l. Not to mention Reggie was more clutch and a better shooter overall. So who should be ranked higher all time? Well depending on your criteria, I may give Reggie the edge in this matchup.

What are your thoughts??



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