Game 5: Celtics’ fans vs LeBron James and the Cavaliers

Game 5: Celtics’ fans vs LeBron James and the Cavaliers

The Boston Celtics have not loss at home during the playoffs, they play the 2 of the 3 there.  The Cavaliers have won 3 games on the road.  Over the last couple years the question of how important home court advantage have been largely debated.  For a team like the Toronto Raptors it seem like it didn’t matter or were they always meant to lose to LeBron.  Last years, Boston Celtics fought tilt the end for home court advantage and still loss.  Maybe a nonsense theory but some teams (Cavaliers and Warriors) just seem to be content with making the playoffs regarding of seeding.

Fans are a big factor when it comes any sports teams.  There is a sense of comfortably playing in your own home field.  The crowd is there to cheer you up and pick you up when needed, celebrating every play on both sides of the floor.  The Celtics are a young team that are missing the 2 pieces that were supposed to lead them in this situation.  Jayson Tatum and Terry Rozier have stepped up in way that nobody could have ever predicted.  They are about to face their biggest challenge yet.

Year 15 LeBron, how he is been to refer too now, is a force.  Tristan Thompson-Kardashian seems to have come back to life and in the best form yet.  Kyle Korver and Kevin Love are really becoming 1 and the other.  George Hill is slowly coming back to life.  The Cavaliers are getting better at closing out games compared to the Pacers series.

Notes/ Factors:

  • Terry Rozier hasn’t scored over 18 this series. Hasn’t broken 20 since game 2 vs Philly.
  • Mid-season acquisitions Jordan Clarkson & Larry Nance have pretty much become nonexistent.
  • LeBron James have 6 40+ points performances this post season alone.
  • Marcus Morris has gradually played less minutes every game.
  • Jaylen Brown has been the clear leader and go to guy for the Celtics averaging 20 points in the series



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