Judge & Didi need to get back on track vs The Texas Rangers

Judge & Didi need to get back on track vs The Texas Rangers

Welcome back to the line-up Didi Gegorius, now let’s get you back on track and swinging for the fences.  Aaron Judge is no longer the home run leader for the Yankees since Gary Sanchez 2 homer game vs the Royals, honestly it just makes things exciting.  Speaking of 2 homer games, Tyler Austin is only 2 away from getting in to the double digits after his performance in game 3.  The New York Yankees are rolling and they should look to continue vs Rangers.

Is not really all that great in Texas, but Bartolo Colon is making it a great time.  At 44 years old and 242 wins, Colon is still kicking it and putting up a descent season with the Rangers.  Currently Colon is 3 wins away from breaking in to the top 50 for most wins all time (according to www.mlb.com).  14 strikeouts away from 2500, only CC Sabathia and Justin Verlander have more strikeouts than he does among active players.


On the offensive side, the Rangers are led by Joey Gallo and Nomar Mazara. The Rangers got embarrassed by the White Sox their last game only able to get 2 hits for the game.  Gallo who leads in Home Runs, 13, is on a slump of his own in the last 10 games, 5 hits and 1 Home Run.  The Rangers are a team with a lot of potential just seem to be in a wide team slump.

For the Yankees, once again on a 2 game winning streak playing a team that sits at the bottom of the standings. The main goal should be to not let up and play down to the competition.  Bartolo Colon should not be taking lightly and Yankees hitter should be swinging for the fences.  Judge hasn’t hit one beyond the faces in the last 5 games and Didi has almost but disappear.

Batters should bounce back and the Yankees should look get the sweep.  Also we can’t write about the New York Yankees without mentioning Giancarlo Stanton’s name, so there you go.

Watch the Video!! Leave A Comment With Your Series Prediction.




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