Wishful thinking Sunny Days Yankees vs Royals

Wishful thinking Sunny Days Yankees vs Royals

If you play fantasy baseball and you happen to have Stanton & Judge your team, like me, it was a rough couple of days.  Suspended and postpone was the conclusion of the Yankees-Nationals series.  Oh you Mother Nature with your fresh rain and environment loving self.  The Yankees and Nationals will play again June 18th, so both teams move on to the next opponent.  For the Nationals will be the Dodgers and for the Yankees the Royals.

40 Games into the season the New York Yankees hold the number 1 seed (percentage wise) in the American League.  Also have more wins than anybody in the National League, the Yankees are rolling as expected.  The Bronx is loud behind Judge, Stanton, Gregorious and Sanchez.  Miguel Andujar, Gleyber Torres and the recent game hero Neil Walker are coming in to their own.

Pitching have been good in some areas such as Luis Severino 70 strikeouts and 6 wins but other areas have been dreadful.  Sonny Gray giving up 5 runs is not winning production nor ideal for a starting pitcher.  CC Sabathia although 2-0 have not been having a great start, he has giving up 4 home runs and only 28 strikeouts, but the wins are wins.

The Royals have been going downhill on a 5 game losing streak and playing a tough Yankees team doesn’t provide much motivation.  They have shown signs of life, especially Mike Moustakas with his 10 Home runs keeping the offense alive.  There is some joy in not being the worse team in baseball but there is really not that much positive happening with the Royals.


Game 1: CC Sabathia 2-0 Vs Jakob Junis 4-3

  • Sabathia wants another parade. The Battle for the 1 spot is against the Red Sox. Every game counts
  • Junis is by far the best pitcher the Royals have with 4 wins 45 Strikeouts

Game 2: Luis Severino 6-1 Vs Danny Duffy 1-5

  • Severino and Corey Kluber lead the American League with 6 wins.
  • Duffy has allowed a home run in each of his last 5 games.

Game 3: Sonny Gray 2-3 Vs Eric Skoglund 1-3

  • This should be a redemption game for Sonny Gray, there is very little faith on him.
  • Aroldis Chapman has 9 saves this season, could this be his 10th?
  • Skoglund is on a 2 game losing steak himself.

What are you series predictions??


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