Best Conference Finals performances since 1984

Best Conference Finals performances since 1984

Note: As of May 12th

  1.    With the series split at 2 apiece against the 93 Sonics, Charles Barkley had a monster triple double of 43 15 and 10 on 16/22 shooting in 47 minutes. W
  2. Down 3-2 with Game 6 at Boston, the Miami Heat needed LeBron to have a perfect game, and he did just that. Scoring 45 points very efficiently, out rebounding KG and Pierce 15-12 and dished out 5 asts, the Heat were able to survive and force a Game 7. W
  3. With 1 win away from reaching the NBA Finals back to back, Hakeem Olajuwon not only locked up David Robinson, but had a great all around game of 39 points, collected 17 rebs, 3 asts and 5 blocks while shooting 64%. W
  4. Looking to steal Game 3 on the road, the 2003 NBA MVP Tim Duncan not only had 34 points, 24 rebounds, and 6 asts, but he also had 6 blocks as well. W
  5. With limited help offensively, LeBron James in Game 5 against the 07 Pistons took over and at one point scored 25 of the team’s last 29 points. He was super clutch and finished with 48 points, 9 rebs and 7 asts. W
  6. In Game 7 of the 93 Western Conference Finals against the Sonics, Charles Barkley was on another level of greatness, scoring 44 points, gobbled 24 rebs and shot 60% was enough to get the win. W
  7. With Game 1 at Cleveland against Dwight’s Orlando Magic, LeBron James carried the team by dropping 49 points, grabbed rebounds, dished out 8 asts but still took the 1 point loss. L
  8. Although he’s not known for scoring, Rajon Rondo in Game 2 of the 2012 ECF dropped a playoff career high in pts, grabbed 8 rebs and still assisted on 10 shots, not to mention he shot 16/24 shooting. L
  9. Looking to tie the series at two apiece, Russell Westbrook erupted against the Spurs in 2014. Scoring 40 points on 50% shooting, grabbed 5 rebounds, dished out 10 asts AND stole the ball 5x. W
  10. With Game 2 at Oracle Arena, the 2015 NBA MVP runner up James Harden was fantastic all around scoring 38 points, collected 10 rebs and still assisted on 9 shots. L

Honorable mention; Dirk’s 48 points on 12/15 shooting 2011 WCF.

Who did we leave out??

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